16:01, Tue 11 Jun
Dan with the best bit of wumming SHA has ever seen
16:01, Tue 11 Jun
Went to watch TSV Munich 1860 for their last home match of the season. Only 3rd division but brilliant atmosphere and Munich is such a great city.
16:39, Tue 11 Jun
Never been interested in another club apart from Blues - if pushed I've always liked Baggies but no way I'd want a ST there. Strange thing to do - maybe a generational thing?. Know a couple of local lads one had an ST at Leeds (who he said he supported) and he had one at vile at the same time - could never get my head around that.
16:51, Tue 11 Jun
Well done Dan! Great wind up!
As if anyone could🤣
16:54, Tue 11 Jun
You could do several Dutch German and Belgian teams within an hour of each other in and around Aachen/Koln

JC Roda
Aachen (lower league, but great facilities)
Borussia Moenchengladback
Lots more in Germany
Eupen (see Keita if still there)
Standard Liège (should be champions league?)

You could, in that area, do several games in one weekend, quite easily.

In France, Lille (which is also a decent city to visit)

I went to Duisburg from Dusseldorf too.
Revere me.
17:04, Tue 11 Jun
No Dan no, my teenagers still hold their breath whenever we drive past the 4 sheds. You can ho when we play or not all. Sacrilege go and have a bath in bleach as penance.
17:42, Tue 11 Jun
Maybe you and your teenagers should grow up and act like mature adults.
17:43, Tue 11 Jun
Maybe you and your teenagers should grow up and act like mature adults.
Leave it out Dan, absolutely no one believes you!
18:32, Tue 11 Jun
Living just outside Brussels, you could add Anderlecht, Gent and Bruges to your list. Gent being the nicest in my opinion - great new stadium, not a bad seat in there. Contemplating getting a season ticket this year!

I am sure I read somewhere about 10 years ago that there are 2000-3000 UK STH's at Bor Dortmund....

All the best,

08:27, Wed 12 Jun
Hi Olton, how great was Porto! Loved the place! World heritage site!!
08:34, Wed 12 Jun
I used to work in Rotterdam, so adopted Feyenoord as my local team for a while. Their local derby against Sparta would be 'eventful' in the crowd, and of course it would get a bit feisty when Ajax were in town.

They're a proper club. Not unlike Blues in many ways.
11:02, Wed 12 Jun
"Feyenoord is one of the most successful clubs in the Netherlands, winning 15 Eredivisie titles, 13 KNVB Cups, and 4 Johan Cruyff Shields. Internationally, it has won one European Cup, two UEFA Cups, and one Intercontinental Cup. The club has played continuously in the top tier of the Dutch football system since gaining promotion to Eerste Klasse (the Eredivisie's forerunner competition) in 1921, more times than any other club in the country,[2] including the likes of Ajax and PSV Eindhoven."

Unlike Blues in many more ways though.
12:47, Wed 12 Jun

13:06, Wed 12 Jun
Absolute WUM.

Do you have a Jack Grealish shirt and a half and half scarf? Perhaps you have a large portrait of Prince William in your living room.

Are you Wi**a,
Are you Wi**a,
Are you Wi**a in disguise (poor disguise I add).
14:11, Wed 12 Jun
Grow up fella.