15:56, Tue 11 Jun
Greetings - Coventry fan in peace here - i guess you don't really want us camping in your gaff but we will be apparently and i have a season ticket already - i think we would prefer to be in the ground that was built for us and not for a franchise Rugby team however thats another story and i guess we all hope comes to a satisfactory end asap where they depart our ground - so bear with us !

Seen some stuff about road closures -whats the crack with parking on local roads ? trains are'nt my preferred course of action but driving might be on an evening game ? any other abuse ( i have a tin hat for virtual services) advice on the ground and its environs very welcome

Yes a Vile cup home draw or even a Blues draw could be entertaining but probably knowing plod would be at 7 am on a Tuesday morning !!

We promise that you can come to the Ricoh or whatever it is renamed when we are back in Premiership championship etc you will be very welcome

Perhaps our few pennies can help your coffers and we could sponser the corner flags or something !
16:03, Tue 11 Jun
The best advice I can offer is park in the morrisons car park. If you value your car dont park on the road.
16:04, Tue 11 Jun
Alright bab, parkings pretty crap around the ground tbh always has been. There's a few private places you can park up for anywhere between 5 - 10 quid some more dodgy than others and they usually fill up pretty quick. At least that's how it was a couple of years ago when I used to drive there. Not sure if it's changed much?

My preference was always to park in town and walk through Digbeth.
16:07, Tue 11 Jun
What's happened to your club is sh*t and most Blues seem to think supporting decent local clubs is the right thing to do, although charity has its limits particularly where vile are concerned. Hope you are back at your own gaff soon.
Not all Blues see it this way though.
Roads around ground get shut down around 45 before ko. Parking is OK if you are willing to walk 10minutes. Try Sampson Road North for example. Then you can stop off at Blue Marlin opposite Bordesley station for some top notch WI grub.
16:07, Tue 11 Jun
Never had any issues parking on Henley St/ Stratford St by the Rose & Crown pub
16:08, Tue 11 Jun
Pablo Ibanez
The best advice I can offer is park in the morrisons car park. If you value your car dont park on the road.

I echo this but don't hold us responsible if they start cracking down on it :)

Never had a problem in the last few years though
16:11, Tue 11 Jun
Park in digbeth and walk in, or as said above - use a "monitored" car park.

enjoy your stay, and dont make a mess :)
Everyone has the right to be stupid, but some people abuse that right
16:11, Tue 11 Jun
I for one think its a good thing to do for our neighbours .... well certain neighbours!! As long as the pitch holds up. It would be great for you to get your home back but in the meantime hopefully this will bring our two clubs together a bit. Parking around the local roads is fine - never seen any trouble and I've parked there for over 30 years.

Good luck for the new season
16:13, Tue 11 Jun
I wouldn't try to park right near the ground anymore. There are a few roads around Digbeth way and I'm sure similarly from other directions, but if you stick it too close to the ground you risk getting your windows smashed.

Not many pubs left round the ground either. If I were you I'd probably train it in the first couple of times, have a look around and get a feel.
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16:21, Tue 11 Jun
I park on Bradford Street, or one of the side roads, and walk to the ground.
16:27, Tue 11 Jun
I could tell you my parking spot but advertising it on a public forum would mean it's not my spot anymore

Dont expect half time drinks or food unless you miss half the first half

Despite this, I wish you well for the season
16:31, Tue 11 Jun
Yeah, I park round Digbeth if I drive.
Number8 is the worlds best forum poster. FACT. End of chat.
16:34, Tue 11 Jun
Loads of places to park on the road in Digbeth and less than ten minutes walk to the ground, lots of pubs round there too. I would imagine you won't be looking at crowds of over 8k so there'll be nothing to worry about.
Revere me.
16:35, Tue 11 Jun
Depends which part of the ground they open up for the Coventry fans, does anybody know yet? I wouldn't think they would open the whole ground if it's sub 10K coming each week.

If it's the new Kop (Cattell Road) then definitely Morrisons car park is your best bet. Can be a bit of a wait getting out but once you do you're basically back on the Coventry Road Home.

If it's the Old Main stand (only remaining part of the old ground, the stand with the flags) then you might be better off heading to Camp Hill Roundabout, turning right down the A45 dual carriageway (Watery Lane Middleway), turning right where you can (near Big Johns or the BP Station) and walking from there.
16:38, Tue 11 Jun
They probably don't need to be as far away as Bradford St though. They can be the nearer side of the High St with the numbers they will be getting.
Revere me.