18:26, Tue 11 Jun
Off for £12.5 million to Southampton.

Done deal etc.

Shit price but a bang average player.
Paul Scholes could find Madeline Mccann with a pass
18:29, Tue 11 Jun
18:30, Tue 11 Jun
i'd imagine the op has been on the sauce yes.
18:30, Tue 11 Jun
Never reveal them pal
Paul Scholes could find Madeline Mccann with a pass
18:33, Tue 11 Jun
It's come from one of those shitty fake journalist accounts on twitter
18:35, Tue 11 Jun
With Gallagher and Austin thrown in...
18:37, Tue 11 Jun
Shit thread from a bang average poster 🤪
18:37, Tue 11 Jun
Shame about Mrabti as well..
18:40, Tue 11 Jun
No, I meant Southampton have got a sauce, trying to upset our player with such a risible offer.
18:46, Tue 11 Jun
I remember when the Jota to Villa rumours were initially shot down.
Paul Scholes could find Madeline Mccann with a pass
18:51, Tue 11 Jun
I doubt this is true, we turned down £12m in January.

Unless there's a player involved and a sell on clause
18:53, Tue 11 Jun
Yeah has to be double that

And Stoke won't accept anything less than £30m for Jack Butland so thats another bag of scratchings heading our way
18:53, Tue 11 Jun
I doubt this is true

Not sure why anyone would think that 🙈

18:54, Tue 11 Jun
The only sauce:

BREAKING: Southampton have had a £12.5 million offer accepted for Birmingham City striker Che Adams. #SaintsFC #BCFC

Birmingham City have parted company with Kerim Mrabti after mutually agreeing to terminate his contract. #BCFC

Chat's a whole load of twaddle.
18:57, Tue 11 Jun
He's throwing loads of sh1t at the wall hoping some sticks‏


I'm hearing from my sources that Birmingham City have made a £4.5 million bid for Bordeaux's Argentine midfielder Valentín Vada. #BCFC