14:55, Thu 20 Jun
Garry Monk has been left disappointed by Birmingham City's comments following his sacking at their manager.

Monk has just tweeted about his exit..

14:03, Thu 20 Jun
Name checks Richard Beale 😎
Called us 'Bluenoses'. I'm out.πŸ‘Ž

I look forward to an exciting and interesting season under Gus Poyet.

14:04, Thu 20 Jun
"contractual obligations" - thus Monk has signed an NDA, can't comment so Ren can spin whatever shit he likes.

Number8 is the worlds best forum poster. FACT. End of chat.
14:06, Thu 20 Jun
Still playing a PR game that Ren can only dream of
Monk has just tweeted about his exit..


KRO Garry thank you for the great work you did at blues πŸ‘
14:09, Thu 20 Jun
Good luck to him , unless he's managing a team facing us, we move on.
She's playing with fire, he''s not ready for nibbly pig...
But Gus refers to us as noses. That is much worseπŸ‘Ž

Other than calling us Bluenoses (which does not greatly bother me) I thought it was a very well crafted statement. The Monky Man is running rings around King Dong on the PR front.
14:16, Thu 20 Jun
Monk has just tweeted about his exit..


here it is

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14:17, Thu 20 Jun
Every member of the squad was a pleasure to work with, were they?
Old MacDonald had a farm. EU, EU... Oh.
14:19, Thu 20 Jun
Yes, the "Bomb Squad" weren't part of "the squad" as they had been, erm, "bombed" out.
14:20, Thu 20 Jun
Considered and sensible response at this point, but not the last the Club will have heard about this I suspect.
14:24, Thu 20 Jun
The comments restore my faith that Dongs crap attempt to justify his cretinous decision(s) fell on deaf ears. KRO