13:35, Wed 10 Jul
There were a few on here who were recommending razors at around £100+,, badger hair shaving brushes at around £50 and then all the creams oils to go with it. As I say, I didn’t buy any of them so can’t remember the brands.

Having said that, I did buy my middle son one of the razors (which I got engraved) , brush and brush holder when he finished his masters last year.

This was the one, I think.


Great present, but I wouldn’t spend that kind of money on myself.?
13:44, Wed 10 Jul
From that thread I got set up with everything you need for about £50. All good gear, still on first pack of blades and only restocked shaving cream once.

I definitely get a closer shave compared to the Gilette type razors.
13:48, Wed 10 Jul
Fair enough. Perhaps my memory’s going. What was the topic again?
13:51, Wed 10 Jul
If like me you CBA to faff around with wet shaving then try Panasonic. I'm using the ES-LT2N, it's superb.
The elusive Wang
16:43, Wed 10 Jul
Tried the safety razor stuff. Got horrible rash on neck. Must be shaving wrong or have some sort of acne on it.

Shame as i prefer clean shaven.
16:50, Wed 10 Jul
I use a Long-handled Viking butterfly safety razor, and Derby double-sided blades from Amazon £10 for 100.
I wash and dry skin first, then dry shave with a brand new blade - I find I can tension the skin easier than when soaped up.
I shave down first, open razor and clean the blade, flip it over and then shave up.
Hot wash and dry, then apply an alum block.
Finish with Nivea Men skin balm.

It might be obvious but, always clean and dry your razor, it will corrode or discolour if you leave it wet.
If you use a badger brush, then wash it and dry it as best you can and hang it upside down in a proper holder - it will last for years if you do.
Regards, Mick
16:54, Wed 10 Jul
Sorrys wrong forum ive obviously stumbled on mumsnet.
17:44, Wed 10 Jul
I'll never go back to the shit, rip off expensive Gillette type shaves again.
Now I've got the hang of it, it's a piece of piss.
Also, for less than £40, got set up with a Merkur razor, badgers arse hair brush, 100 blades, fancy eyetalian shaving foam and an alum block.

Bargain 👍🧐 Let the chavvy hoi poloi use Gillette.
17:45, Wed 10 Jul
Fat Buddha - 'Rab C Nesbitt. He's a contrary fecker, but invariably right. He has his finger on the motherfecking pulse.'
19:45, Wed 10 Jul
Gillette Sensor original and soap.
05:15, Thu 11 Jul
El Mayor
I've always been an electric shaver man but I'm sick and tired of the countless crap Ive bought over the years.

What's everyone using?

I'm not ;)

Who knew 🙄
08:07, Thu 11 Jul
Sorrys wrong forum ive obviously stumbled on mumsnet.

^^This - all the blokes on this thread, who on other threads will be going on about how they were a "double hard barstool" at Millwall in the '70s, going on about which facial moisturiser they use.

The games gone, Tom!
08:10, Thu 11 Jul
It's not compulsory to read the thread 🙄
08:19, Thu 11 Jul
Sorrys wrong forum ive obviously stumbled on mumsnet.

I'm sure there is a website out there that you can talk about hooliganism with other like minded middle aged men.
Old MacDonald had a farm. EU, EU... Oh.
09:46, Thu 11 Jul
Sorrys wrong forum ive obviously stumbled on mumsnet.

Well I for one am very appreciative of all the advice 😊