18:47, Wed 10 Jul
Blues will look to build on their base foundations this season.Under Pep Clotet, the team is set to play in a different way than previously. And Blues' formation won't be wedded to one particular style."We worked a lot last season on things that became core for us," said Clotet. "Like trying to be s

18:51, Wed 10 Jul
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Twitter: @vivacb2

Proven wrong on: N/A
18:52, Wed 10 Jul
18:53, Wed 10 Jul
At least they haven't forgotten about recruiting new players.

Working very hard apparently...
18:54, Wed 10 Jul
18:55, Wed 10 Jul
Gary Rowett
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They've got to be doing this on purpose . Close the Dong's next dumb move thread , how quick was that ?
18:57, Wed 10 Jul
Honestly believe we'll finish bottom of the league.
19:00, Wed 10 Jul
That's a fresh take. Haven't heard anyone say anything like that before
19:55, Wed 10 Jul
Well, that was enlightening...
Number8 is the worlds best forum poster. FACT. End of chat.
19:58, Wed 10 Jul
20:14, Wed 10 Jul
Gary Rowett
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Brilliant 😂
20:53, Wed 10 Jul
Gary Rowett
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"Oh Nikola Zigic"

joderlos entrar en ellos!
When do you reveal that we are actually run by Dong Ellis? Only a villa die hard could inflict this much misery on us.
21:11, Wed 10 Jul
What's the betting Dong's enhanced attacking threat results in far far fewer goals ? 😂😂 Nailed on .
21:51, Wed 10 Jul
Got to say, that is beyond bizarre. I've never come across weirder shit.


It reads like Dong was in the room with him.