18:42, Thu 11 Jul
I would be grateful for a link to the game if one is available, thank you.
18:42, Thu 11 Jul
Hi if you could send me one to please
19:02, Thu 11 Jul
If anyones got one please
19:04, Thu 11 Jul
Me too please
19:05, Thu 11 Jul
Me too please
19:08, Thu 11 Jul
Me too please if anyone has one
19:09, Thu 11 Jul
Anyone got a link that actually works? and without it asking me for card details
19:09, Thu 11 Jul
Me to looked on YouTube either adverts or saying event will start soon
19:11, Thu 11 Jul
That’s the same as fecking bluestv
19:12, Thu 11 Jul
Yes you have to register for a free 5 day account - yer, righto.
19:13, Thu 11 Jul
Link please
19:16, Thu 11 Jul
Blues tv is blank , no audio or video
19:17, Thu 11 Jul
My twitter is down aswell, whats going on??
19:19, Thu 11 Jul