19:20, Thu 11 Jul
Absolutely nothing

"Oh Nikola Zigic"

joderlos entrar en ellos!
19:21, Thu 11 Jul
Dongball has killed the internet
19:23, Thu 11 Jul
Being streamed via one of the Facebook groups. 0-0
19:24, Thu 11 Jul
“Watchable Football”
19:27, Thu 11 Jul
got a link to it on Facebook to PM me please?
19:30, Thu 11 Jul
Looks like it’s gone down (someone via Blues TV)
19:33, Thu 11 Jul
Blues TV not working for me, would appreciate a link also.
19:33, Thu 11 Jul
What is the link for the youtube? As it isn't on the BCFC account.

You’re not the only one but ffs...🤦‍♂️
19:35, Thu 11 Jul
Same please PM with link / fb link be appreciated
19:41, Thu 11 Jul
winning 1v0
19:42, Thu 11 Jul

From a flipping corner!!
19:45, Thu 11 Jul
Roberts apparently, you got a link working yet?
19:46, Thu 11 Jul
Anyone got a link???
19:49, Thu 11 Jul

From a flipping corner!!

Put the relegation hearse back in the garage and fire up that fecking bus 👍🏻

What we been playing like? Any good?
19:55, Thu 11 Jul
Link is shite

Haven’t worked out who is who yet

Harding is no2?

Colin playing in jotas position

I dunno