23:22, Thu 11 Jul
Thoughts on line up and attendance?
09:07, Fri 12 Jul
Jacksons tonight, and Burt Bacharach on Sunday My God that is some combined age, BB must be 90 by my reckoning! he didnt look young in the sixties!

09:11, Fri 12 Jul
I'll be there but predominantly as it's only just down the road and is a good fews days out with the family. Lineup is seriously uninspiring and like any other decent human I will be turning my back on the Jacksons, enit
Sonic Youth fan. MBV. If you like feedback that much get a job at the council.
10:22, Fri 12 Jul
10:32, Fri 12 Jul
YamYam Blue

ha ha, loved that sketch!