10:15, Sat 13 Jul
It looks like they've bought/are buying an entirely new starting 11. Nearly all of whom have no premier league experience. IMO this is the biggest mistake newly promoted teams make. Experience is vital to staying up. So is experience between team mates.

It takes time to get new players understanding how to play together. Trying to do this whilst also learning about the prem is dangerous.

Time will tell but I'm definitely not as convinced as some that they will stay up. People have written off Sheff Utd but it's often the ones who keep their promotion winning teams together that survive.
10:19, Sat 13 Jul
Loving their optimism tbh
Top ten this, great signing that and best support deserving of the best signing.
Proud to wear the famous shirt.
Absolutely delusional nerds the lot of them.
Will make the opening day 4-0 reverse so sweet.
Can’t wait to get in amongst them after game #1.
Quickly followed by 1-5 then a 1-3.
Looking forward to the 0-0 to get the first point.
I will enjoy every minute of every game they play, with Smith just losing his mind.
Yes that big squad limped over the line in the championship.
Different gravy say Leicyaway.
Sit back and enjoy what will be an epic failure of a campaign.
10:52, Sat 13 Jul
Won nearly every meaningful game for 3 months and will have improved 7 of the starting 11 spending over 100 Million

Let’s just move on
11:03, Sat 13 Jul
Targett is better than Taylor. But that doesn’t mean he’s good. An average championship at best.

No idea about the right back so can’t comment.

Heaton is an upgrade, yes. But a) they haven’t signed him yet and b) a decent goalkeeper doesn’t mean that much. Look at stoke and butland.

The others you mentioned are all unproven. No experience. Konsa is a championship player. Wesley is a massive gamble, but I’ll give smith credit for not going for Abraham cuz he’s overrated.

Douglas luiz - no one actually really knows much about him. People see Man City and Brazil and make assumptions. 2 years at Girona hmmmmmm
11:40, Sat 13 Jul
Le Mod
Won nearly every meaningful game for 3 months and will have improved 7 of the starting 11 spending over 100 Million

Let’s just move on
Sorry mod, they will have wasted over 100mill on unknowns who most on here have never seen play and championship standard players. I ain’t moving anywhere.
In fact I’m off to the bookies to back em for relegation. Im gonna sell loads of my possessions and get as much dough together as I can. I’m starting with my 2,000 strong collection of razzles and my mrs tropical fish tank. If anyone is interested they’ll be on eBay shortly.
12:01, Sat 13 Jul
Ive had a fiver on them to finish top 6 @ 50/1
12:07, Sat 13 Jul
No chance.
12:52, Sat 13 Jul
They haven’t finished yet though. I would imagine they’ll get enough £20m striker in and I’ve heard that they’re still planning to sign Kalvin Phillips.
12:53, Sat 13 Jul
bluer than blues
No chance.

I hope not ! They will be even more unbearable
14:06, Sat 13 Jul
They've got competition for Philips, Spurs are after him too.
14:23, Sat 13 Jul
Sounds like you've got it sussed. How much you gonna lump on them getting relegated?

If they're an expensively assembled Championship team then it sounds like they're a dead cert to come down and your free money is waiting for you
Linked Image

Bit embarrassing, they've upgraded from the bed sheets i guess.
City is ours in blue too. Bless em.
14:40, Sat 13 Jul
That is terrible
14:42, Sat 13 Jul
Imagine putting it in all blue haha, they’re not the brightest bless ‘em.