16:01, Fri 12 Jul
BCFC are currently on their pre-season tour in Portugal

Maybe possibly hopefully soon

Poundland Pep

“The squad needs some more players to ease that transition and I know that the club is working very hard to bring additions that can improve us”

“We are working with a lot of possibilities and some of them are advanced."
16:04, Fri 12 Jul
Probably trying to get Peter Crouch in
It's like my dad always said: eventually, everybody gets shot.
16:05, Fri 12 Jul
Double swoop, other is Ashley Cole
16:08, Fri 12 Jul
Chief executive Xuandong Ren and head of scouting Harvey Bussell are key players in that wider team.

16:10, Fri 12 Jul
Says the final decision is his.
Harvey has apparently a proficient working knowledge of Wyscout, Scout 7 and InStat platforms
16:12, Fri 12 Jul
Harvey Bussell is Rowett's pal innit? Still kicking about then
16:12, Fri 12 Jul
Here comes Brock-Madsen MKII then!
16:27, Fri 12 Jul
He got promoted to head scout around the same time Monk came in.
16:33, Fri 12 Jul
Le Mod
Harvey Bussell is Rowett's pal innit?
Nah, it’s that judge off Strictly
Fat Buddha - 'Rab C Nesbitt. He's a contrary fecker, but invariably right. He has his finger on the motherfecking pulse.'
Any idea who these transfers in advanced positions that Clotet spoke about?
16:44, Fri 12 Jul
I expect even Clotet doesn't know.
Revere me.
16:50, Fri 12 Jul
I was told Monday by someone who usually has reliable info we had lodged actual bids for a central midfield player and a striker, we also had tried to negotiate a loan for a winger and were in conversations over the weekend gone with a free agent striker. I don’t no names and wasn’t told, just that they were good players and upgrades on what we currently have.
Not claiming to be in the know, and it’s hardly groundbreaking news. Just what I was told and the same mate told me about Jota and Monk being gone awhile before the news came out. So fingers crossed he’s right! Seemed confident two of the deals were well down the line and the two players were in for talks.
16:52, Fri 12 Jul
In that case, fireup the feckin bus