19:11, Thu 18 Jul
Is this Bela actually any good?

And isn’t he a winger?

I asked the same questions.

Dongball doesn't involve wingers! Wingers are soooo 2018.

Please can we have an upgrade on David Davis to play in that middle two? Preferably someone who can actually find a team mate with a pass and doesn't keep squandering hard-won possession!
Possession often hard won by David Davis.

You need David Davises in your team as much as anyone

Maybe players of that style, but certainly not of his calibre. Davis is a good League One player at best
19:13, Thu 18 Jul
Hope he's not playing in goal. He'll have to wear one adult and one junior glove
What did the Knights in White satin?
19:19, Thu 18 Jul
I actually saw him play last season away at Real Mallorca, when he came on as sub for the last 20 minutes. Had I known he was a possible target for us, I would have taken more of an interest in his performance.
19:19, Thu 18 Jul
Apparently he's had a clause activated in his contact with Albacete after playing so many games which has extended his contract?

Doesn't look as done as some on Twitter are making out?

Unsure how he fits into the system too, considering we won't play with wingers
19:31, Thu 18 Jul
Ser Tait
12 goals would suggest yes?

I’d say it was comfortably a lower level tbh
19:32, Thu 18 Jul
Bielik has been told by Arsenal to find another club.

19:49, Thu 18 Jul
Ser Tait
12 goals would suggest yes?

I’d say it was comfortably a lower level tbh

Seems like has consistently managed about a goal every 4 games wherever he’s been, not bad if he’s not a striker. He won’t be a worl beater and will be prone to errors but could be a decent addition.
19:52, Thu 18 Jul
If we can get Bela, Bielik & Bielsa as manager we can have the full conjugation

Hope we get Bela, just so I can shout “Beela, Beela” in a high-pitched voice every time he plays
19:56, Thu 18 Jul
Spanish second division? I wouldn’t be so sure.
19:57, Thu 18 Jul
It'll be a fair bit poorer than our league but I think considering we aren't playing with wingers this lad is coming in as a squad player.

We will replace Davis I'm sure

"Oh Nikola Zigic"

joderlos entrar en ellos!
20:03, Thu 18 Jul
Have a look at the teams in that league. Given Spanish teams (usually) play most teams in the English leagues off the park.... not really about this bloke Bela (good joke btw especially given Spanish pronunciation) but I think we should careful about under rating other leagues.
20:07, Thu 18 Jul
Pederson being a case in point, a huge improvement on what went before
20:10, Thu 18 Jul
There’s loads of players who have come from the French league, for example, who have done and do well in our league - though most of the teams aren’t in the class of premiership teams. The art is surely picking out the players who can do it.
20:25, Thu 18 Jul
I think alot of people understandably have been harsh on davis. Couple of years ago cleaned up at the awards. Hes had a horror injury last pre season and hes still tyring to get back to his best. Im very sure he wont go anywhere hes a high earner unless someone comes in and pays a fee he wont go. Hes gonna have a good season if he can get his confidence back.
20:25, Thu 18 Jul
I’m not saying he’s not good, or that playing in Segunda means you’re definitely not good, just that it’s not evidence that he is good

If that makes any sense at all

I hope he’s great