16:10, Tue 13 Aug
Yes, but people quoting X,Y and Z doing it, doesn't really prove anything, as we have different players and a different manager, who might not be able to make it work as well.
16:28, Tue 13 Aug
As Mod said above, it's about getting people into scoring positions.

Villalba for example had what, 2 days with the team before Sat? Another week training on the system we want to play will hopefully yield a more potent attacking performance this weekend, expect to see Crowley, Villalba, even Digga getting beyond Juke when we're passing in those triangles infront of Forest on Sat.
17:22, Tue 13 Aug
As I said let's see how many goals Juke has got after 46 games. Not after 2. The point you are missing is that he scored 14 last season in a team that didn't give him a lot of service. With the quality of the midfield we've now got and also Montero will play some games to provide some crosses, it shouldn't be too difficult to score more than last season. Theres 6 games in August, if he's on 2 or 3 by the end of this month it will be a decent start towards 20. 46 games is a long season.
17:38, Tue 13 Aug
he said playing one up top halves your chance of scoring goals

he didn't say it halves Blues' chance of scoring goals
20:12, Tue 13 Aug
I'm not missing any point, I didn't mention Juke or how many chances he had last season. I was answering the poster who reckons because teams full of world class internationals can make one up front work, we can too. It might work for us, it might not, far too early to tell, but just because Man City can do it, doesn't automatically follow that we can too.