10:38, Tue 10 Sep
Currently on General Sale.
21:32, Tue 10 Sep
Yep, hopefully more people are deciding to vote with their feet, in response to the disgraceful ticket prices!
"we don't even know why we're here - we're all just wandering around, doing daft things, killing time, until we die; that's why Frisbee's been invented..." (Karl Pilkington 2013)
21:53, Tue 10 Sep
Can't believe I've spent £34 or whatever it is to watch us fold like a deckchair in front of the cringeiest set of home fans in the league.

Awful times.

"Oh Nikola Zigic"

joderlos entrar en ellos!
22:17, Tue 10 Sep
Don’t worry, you will be able to sell them to Generalblue the week before the game