09:50, Mon 9 Sep
I never said that, not sure what made you think I did 😂
09:51, Mon 9 Sep
Denly instead of Bairstow????

Westwood instead of Bairstow!!!!
09:53, Mon 9 Sep
I think pick on talent. Bairstow is better than anybody being suggested.
09:54, Mon 9 Sep
That's the Bairstow, who is averaging 20.57 this year and 26.38 since 2018 ?
Sibley has performed at a better standard, and a higher level than Labuschagne and he's been a key figure for them since coming in.

I agree we shouldn't be making wholesale changes, but playing players who have performed at county and not white ball specialists seems a no brainer going forward.

Agree with this. It does feel increasingly like two different games doesn't it. Contrast how Burns has done (not amazing, but enough to stick around as opener, sound enough technique) with Roy (seems pathologically incapable - either or both of technically or mentally - of being defensive). The future has to be identifying younger players to be brought through as first class specialists. Sure, some players can be brilliant at both - but a lot will be good enough in one but not the other.

There's Sibley and I think Hain at Warwick. There must be others around the circuit. Are they good enough? Who knows. Longer term, it's all about the respect and time given to 4 days at county level. All this stuff next year with the Hundred doesn't sound like there's much of a focus on the Championship.
09:59, Mon 9 Sep
The Devlin Disguise
My sense was that he really lacked confidence recently - would need an arm around him, rather than the one putting the arm around others as you'd expect a captain to do.

I don't get that at all from Moeens body language. He looks super chilled to me whether he gets a hundred or is out for nought. Calmness might be good for England after the frenetic summer we've had

Fair point. I think for now though, what's the point in bringing him back? He could come in, get two low scores and be poor with the ball, and that's him done. Longer term, he has to still be part of the plans, but no need to break him.
10:05, Mon 9 Sep
Roy has a lot of talent but isn’t an opener in this form of the game. It’s been unfair to pick him there. I think he did ok this test against the best fast (any?) bowler in the world at the top of his game. Pick him in the wrong place, give him one game where he might do better and drop.... not for me.

Sam Hain has gone backwards and has just found a little bit of form recently. Everyone thought he could be our new number 3 but his career needs consolidating a bit. I agree Pope should get another chance soon.

I don’t think wholesale changes are right for this test, they have the potential to do more harm than good. The bowling is probably a bigger problem beyond our front two (and I hope Archer is ok to go back to back).
10:08, Mon 9 Sep
Yeah, agreed - I'm thinking more beyond this series.
The good news is we have over 2 years until the next series, so we have plenty of time to get things right.

Jofra on those bouncy Aussie pitches will be a sight.
11:00, Mon 9 Sep
Bloody hell Muser, Im not thinking two yrs time, I want victory starting this Thursday!
Leach is indomitable as a batsmen but this is a pitch where he needs to shime with the ball!

C`mon England!
11:03, Mon 9 Sep
Yeah no doubt, if we win then they've kept the ashes on a technicality which is easier to swallow.

Still, it doesn't get better than a series win in Australia which the next two years needs to be building towards.
12:11, Mon 9 Sep
Unchanged squad for final Test
12:14, Mon 9 Sep
Doesn’t surprise me
13:51, Mon 9 Sep
Not surprised but very disappointed tbh.
14:04, Mon 9 Sep
Sibley has had half a season of doing well and Pope has been out for a good part of this one. There is a case for Foakes. Curran’s bowling isn’t good enough at the highest level. Funnily enough he’s in some ways the epitome of the one day player that is being blamed for our problems - it might change but if he’s playing as an all rounder then we have a problem with our bowling with Stokes becoming third seamer on a regular basis. There is a case for Foakes.

I wish people would stop bringing this football mentality to cricket and all the jobs for the boys stuff.

The calls to me seem to be tell Bairstow he has to bat higher and Buttler at 7. If Buttler doesn’t come up with goods he has to be dropped, though there is a massive talent in there and we should be getting it out of him. Funnily enough our bowling is a bigger problem for this last test. Leach was knocked around, Overton isn’t good enough (the main argument for bringing Sam Curran in instead) and Stokes is an injury doubt.

Good post.

I was at Old Trafford yesterday, and have been thinking about what I'd do for the Oval. 300 ish in the first innings wasn't a disaster, and we showed some good application yesterday.

Cummins is a very good bowler (although I thought he wasted the second new ball yesterday a bit), but the difference in the bowling attacks was the aussies' strength in depth. There is no let up with their change bowlers, whereas our are pretty average. I know he didn't bowl much in Manchester but Stokes has bowled some rancid spells this series. Overton is not a wicket taking threat for me. Anrderson was a massive blow, and I think him, Broad, Woakes, Archer plus Leach is a decent attack. Woakes is a good enough bat to play all of them, with one of Buttler or Bairstow missing out. In the absence of Anderson I'd pick one of Buttler or Bairstow, and the attack listed above.

If we assume that this is the end for Jimmy, I'd go with something along the lines of what I've set out below for the next year or so. I'd stick with Root too for the winter, but can see that he should be left to focus on his batting if he has a poor winter. I'd let Burns have a go next summer in those circumstances. Experienced captain, earned his place in the side. We need to get away from the 'best batter is your captain' mentality. If Root is getting the bullet after the Oval, I'd let Broad do it this winter and Burns can pick it up next summer.

I hope we don't make massive changes for the last test.