Re: Bellingham

11:14, Mon 9 Sep
Wonder what his old strike partner Romello Mitchell must be thinking right now?

Maybe he'll get 20 minutes off the bench in the Carabou Cup 2nd round for Southampton in a couple of years time if he keeps progressing?
11:36, Mon 9 Sep
Got to be time for his first tattoo soon
12:36, Mon 9 Sep
Charlie Harper
Anyone know what position he plays for them?

He's a number 8 when with other kids. Was listening to a "youth football expert" the other day talking about him. The feeling is that once he's established he'll settle further back the pitch where he can control the game. Apparently he's considered the outstanding talent in his age group.

...can't wait to sell him to Cardiff for 300k.

Thanks 👍
16:51, Mon 9 Sep
If he’s doing the business then no reason why he can’t cement a place on the bench at least.

This.....he is far too good to start in front of Davis....every manager for the last 5 seasons seem to think Davis is an automatic starter...hence why we are mid to lower Championship fodder. I agree we need to nurture Bellingham with time off the bench/the odd start, but this shouldn't be because Davis is starting in front of him.
What Davis does/doesn't do for the team is for another thread.[/quote]

Great, a perfectly good thread congratulating Jude, turns into rubbishing Davis.
17:22, Tue 10 Sep
Captain again for today’s final against Poland
17:39, Tue 10 Sep
From what I've seen on social media, he's been awarded 'Player of the tournament'
18:03, Tue 10 Sep
Saw the award ceremony
Looked like he got some kind of award. All in Polish, I’m afraid
Lads won the Cup on pens after 2-2 draw
Think he may have scored again
18:25, Tue 10 Sep
He won player of the tournament for England.