16:22, Tue 10 Sep
We stayed with our son a couple of years ago - 34th Street - in October - really good weather - warm and easy to walk around in and although it's always busy (big city) wasn't too crowded. We walked miles - great way to get around and then pop on the subway - get a ticket a bit like a travel card - hotel ought to be to help. We found people incredably helpful. Even approached a couple of big policemen touting their sub-machine guns 'Excuse me Sir ...' and they were great.
When you do go - no jokes at immigration, no comments about the length of the queue - very straight face, yes sir no sir.
Get in a yelow cab from the airport - fixed fare from JFK - allow at least an hour+ if rush hour to get downtown.
Expect to have to sign for your credit card - two years ago they weren't into pins and swiping.

Recommend Ellis Island - great views from the boat and a moving story. No need to go up to the top of the Statue of Liberty. Agree about Rockerfeller being better than Empire State. Very moved by Ground Zero and the museum. The two reflecting pools moved me to tears especially when I learned that the white roses in a person's name marks their birthday - the names are stencilled in the metal surround of each pool. Chinatown yes.

Having lived in USA (not NY) a few years ago we were surprised by how expensive everything is - not cheap for clothes nor eating out. But then we'd say the same about central London.

Whenever you go have a great time - we loved it. (But preferred Boston!)
16:27, Tue 10 Sep
Thanks, I'd personally prefer Boston as a first visit too but... not my gig! 👍
17:07, Tue 10 Sep
Was there last July for a few days, which was plenty. Found it expensive to eat - every meal seemed to have a choice of mandatory tip - 15%, 18% or 20%!!

Busy, crowded, impersonal etc etc, certainly wasn’t blown away.

Only thing I would recommend is the 911 stuff as previously mentioned, I thought it was really well done, and “moving” sums it up well for me.

Won’t be rushing back, sorry.
17:33, Tue 10 Sep
As I mentioned in the link that Scoobers posted - we stayed at Hotel Metro which I can thoroughly recommend. [www.hotelmetronyc.com]
17:34, Tue 10 Sep
Cheers Mo!
18:28, Tue 10 Sep
I love NY been 5 times since 2003 off there again for thanksgiving this year. Just enjoy it all everyone is different.
18:35, Tue 10 Sep
One month I would miss is February. Balls cold and good chance of apocalypse snowstorms. April, yes.
18:41, Tue 10 Sep
Gershwin hotel is cool. Avoid the chains. Although Hudson Yard Marriott is OK
18:56, Tue 10 Sep
I manage to go every 4 or 5 years, always in December, i love it.Going again this year.
We always stay at Hotel Giraffe on Park Avenue. I would highly recommend it.
As for flights if you can get a decent price, use Aer Lingus, no custom nonsense when you get to JFK.
I could happily just walk the streets and listen to the sounds, sirens, horns, its crazy.

If you go im sure you will enjoy it.
19:20, Tue 10 Sep
currently £410 return with aer lingus in december from london. We flew aer lingus from brum via dublin and it was great. customs all sorted in Dublin and straight out in NY..
19:58, Tue 10 Sep
Another tip I swear by is to purchase a 5 day metro card for $28ish. The subway is simple to use and gets you pretty much anywhere in minutes forget the taxis.

You can also get the subway from JFK to Jamaica central ($5) then onto the subway... much quicker than taxis
20:12, Tue 10 Sep
Cheers all.
20:23, Tue 10 Sep
Can't be arsed to read all the replies. Make sure you get to Greenwich Village, for some great bars.

*China Town is shite. Don't bother
What did the Knights in White satin?
04:24, Wed 11 Sep
Can't be arsed to read all the replies. Make sure you get to Greenwich Village, for some great bars.

*China Town is shite. Don't bother

We went for a meal in China town one evening and little Italy the next ...have to say I was underwhelmed by China town and was told it's more bustling during the day (but we did go 2 nights before New year's Eve on a bitterly cold night)
Enjoyed little Italy, and genuinely felt like what I expected it to be....I suppose NY in general will either please or disappoint depending upon your expectations