16:06, Tue 10 Sep

over to you
Turn left when you get on a plane.
16:11, Tue 10 Sep
Tilton shark

over to you
Keeping Right On since 1981
16:11, Tue 10 Sep
0 effs
16:32, Tue 10 Sep
Kosovo are decent apparently, no right to be, but like Iceland were a few years back.
3-1 England after an early scare by going 1 down.
16:39, Tue 10 Sep
Absolute cruise

5 or 6 nil
16:43, Tue 10 Sep
Kosovo are under-rated by alot of people. I think they're on a 15 game unbeaten run or something, although I can't say who they've played.

Tougher than Bulgaria but we should have more than enough for them.

2-0 England.
16:48, Tue 10 Sep
They narrowly beat Madagascar and drew against the Faeroes.

We should smash them
16:54, Tue 10 Sep
Looking at that, other than a good 2-2 draw with Denmark, they haven't really played anyone.

I retract my previous prediction 😂 4-0 England.
17:04, Tue 10 Sep

I hope we are both right

We “should” be different level
17:46, Tue 10 Sep
18:46, Tue 10 Sep
We still believe
18:47, Tue 10 Sep
Now the Ashes is lost we can moan at this 👍
18:48, Tue 10 Sep
Great assist from Keane tbf
18:49, Tue 10 Sep
If you fancy England pile on for 1.5 times your stake now!