Zulu warriors
Scarf lady
Bill Cauldwell
Carl Richards
Ken Wheldon
Dead gypsy horse
Most arrests
Harry Lauder
F*** EFL
19:46, Tue 8 Oct
Gypsy curse
Luciano Figueroa
No brainer
Obafemi Martins
Half the fecking team did
The elusive Wang
whatever happened to Steve Beauchamp? think he was a member of one of those Supporters Trusts and lived in shirley. He always got wheeled out to be interviewed by local news channels everytime there was a riot at Stans

He seems the type of fan that would do well on Mastermind, knows eveything about BCFC i bet
Arthur Street
Celery Trenches
Caesar Jenkyns
The secretary forgot to send the forms
German flag
Robert Hopkins own goal
Roger Wiseman
Paul Caddis
Leeds Utd
Steam from the train
Jasper Carrott
Small Heath Alliance
SHA's Resident Estate Agent
20:20, Tue 8 Oct
Bert Trautmann
Muntz Street
Limited Company
Sir Alf Ramsay
21:19, Tue 8 Oct
im not sure if these are the answers or the questions.
the setubal stud.
billy [a bit more]billy the [a bit more plaese]billy the first,sorry close it was billy the thirst.
hes a very handsome man.
every man wants to be him.yes please.
every lady wants to be with him.yes please.
lambretta sx 200.
5 pints of lager,4 pints of cider and a minced beef and onion pie.
dr martens size 9,levi 501s.
westham stokecity crystalpalace leedsunitedd.
rocky lane.
63 into town,95 to the george.
50 quid.
yes we are better than aston villa,they are a load of shite.
Herefordshire Cider Boozer
First English side to play in European competition.
First English side to reach a European final.
First English side to reach two successive European finals.
Only English side to beat Inter Milan in the San Siro until Arsenal a few years back.
Only English side that does a 💩 on their rivals.
Only English side with the best crest in the world.
Only English side to flog their best players for peanuts.

The list goes on.

Can't wait to watch this 👍

First team to reach 50 points twice in the same season 😎
08:19, Wed 9 Oct
You passed on none.
08:31, Wed 9 Oct
He turned up driving a lorry.
This bit down here is hardly worth reading.
08:59, Wed 9 Oct
Darren Carter
Ansells brewery
Liverpool, 9-1
The Kumar Brothers
09:06, Wed 9 Oct
Triton Showers
Paul Tait
John Gayle
Trevor Francis
Muntz Street
Tranmer Rovers
Carlise Utd
Just because my opinion differs from yours, doesn't mean mine is wrong.
09:10, Wed 9 Oct
Pissed in his pond
Fancy dress riot
Closed the pleasure beach
Fat Buddha - 'Rab C Nesbitt. He's a contrary fecker, but invariably right. He has his finger on the motherfecking pulse.'
12:13, Wed 9 Oct
Darren Carter
Muntz Street
Amy Ross
Karen Brady & Geoff Horsfield
Gil Merrick
12:14, Wed 9 Oct
Trevor Hockey
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang