Roll out the barrell
Jack Wiseman
Senegal flag
Could have had a knife
Threw petrol not water
Ken Armstrong
SHA's Resident Estate Agent
15:31, Wed 9 Oct
John Mitchell
West Ham, Euston Station
Tony Coton
Gary Newbon
16:02, Wed 9 Oct
Kenny Burns - Insurance saleman
Mike Pejic
Mark Dennis - Birmingham International Railways Station
Noel Blake
16:17, Wed 9 Oct
kendo nagasaki
The fire warden was an idiot
paul mitchell (fanny)
Annie Bassetts gussett (im gagging thinking of it)
in the back of a taxi
ladypool rd!

Wayne Clarke robbed of a hat trick by the ref at which horrible smelly ground.
Martin Taylor.
Batman and Robin.
Smashed up computer.
In the space of just over a week who did BCFC play 3 times?
Floodlights 'failed' 😜
Doug Ellis.
100th minute
Billy Wright penalty
Jeff Hall
"Is Dalian your son?"
Martin Jiranek
17:19, Wed 9 Oct
Scored 10 or more goals in a 1st class fixture more than any other English team.
She's playing with fire, he''s not ready for nibbly pig...
Painted souls of boots red
Chips, Bacon Sausage Egg & Beans
Geoff Horsfield (maybe half the rest of the team as well)
Gary Shaw
Does she take it up the rear?
Special seat made to support his fat arse
Big Johns
There's nowhere to park adjacent to the stadium (trick question)
Birmingham 0
The Old Crown
Peaky Blinders
Comrade Dong
12:53, Thu 10 Oct
Arrests League Table
Olly effing Lee

"Oh Nikola Zigic"

joderlos entrar en ellos!
15:36, Thu 10 Oct
Pissing In All 4 corners
£60,000 per week
John Beresford
Jeff Hall Memorial Clock
Annie Bassett
Stephen Carr statue
Jamie Clapham Memorial Cupboard
10:33, Fri 11 Oct
Louie Donowa
Pope John Paul I
They were dressed as Peaky Blinders
10:51, Fri 11 Oct
Borrusia Dortmund
Middlesbrough 0-0
Caesar Jenkyns
Tottenham Hotspur
10:59, Fri 11 Oct
Muntz Street
Bert Trautmann
Inter-Cites Fairs Cup
Johnny Prescott
Sports Argos Competition
Malcolm Page
Bald Eagle
Harry Roberts
Max Wall
A hairdresser