05:54, Wed 9 Oct
Rab C Nesbitt
Correct about us not selling out. That’s why the comment about the masses speaking was strange. Because they’ve been selling out I presumed they’d use those seats in the away for themselves. Or isn’t that possible due to segregation issues?

5,200 sold out early for our game at Wet Spam. We could have sold another 4K if they’d given us the 15% allocation. Fair pricing was the key.
Similarly at Bolton, in 2018. 5k for a Tuesday night game. Fair pricing.
We can easily fill the away end at Fulham, & normally do. 6k from memory, though not this season, due to ground alterations. Fair pricing.

It’s a personal choice as to whether one boycotts Leeds away. I do & you don’t. I don’t knock anyone that chooses to go, but I’d rather they didn’t. If Leeds priced sensibly, we’d take 4 or 5k this season (if they’d let us), not 1400. And I’d be buying my usual 3 tickets.
Remember, you can watch any PL game for £30 max. 25% less than what Leeds are charging. And that’s largely due to Man City fans boycotting Arsenal, and making a stand. For that (alone), I applaud them.

Absolutely spot on.
"we don't even know why we're here - we're all just wandering around, doing daft things, killing time, until we die; that's why Frisbee's been invented..." (Karl Pilkington 2013)