18:40, Fri 8 Nov
Rab C Nesbitt
No I’m not

Can you still order us an uber for about 2.30 though?

Season ticket donated to .....
Rosie ....Ohh Rosie ....I'd like to paint your knickers Blue and White !
18:50, Fri 8 Nov
2-3, these are no Luton or Stoke.
20:34, Fri 8 Nov
Yep, 2 all here as well. Crowley and Bela for us, Mitrovic twice for them

Any hunches for the Euromillions draw ?
20:39, Fri 8 Nov
3-2 Blues to hang on for the points
01:13, Sat 9 Nov
2-0 Blues 💪
02:37, Sat 9 Nov
can’t wait to down the game tomorrow flew in yesterday from Texas I’ll be there with my daughter come on the blue machine buzzing 3-1 blues kro come on
04:16, Sat 9 Nov


Mitrovic misses an early penalty and then gets sent off a few minutes later
16:34, Sat 9 Nov
Im going with us playing our free flowing football creating another 25 chances

Lose 0-1 to a late Mitrovic sucker punch.

Hmmmmm not late but looks likely
Steve Cotterill 2005 'I don't want to give Robbie Blake any praise, but he was superb.'