15:04, Mon 2 Dec
Jesse Lingard, Jordan Ibe, Andros Townnend

I find it difficult to forget one player who scored four goals in a single match and another player who provided the cross that led to Bolton miracle...

I haven't really answered the question have I.

These are more players that I am surprised played for us looking back.

As for completely forgetful.. I don't remember

True - my young son is continually amazed when I keep saying, "He used to play for Blues, you know!" while we're watching MOTD together.
15:06, Mon 2 Dec
He had about as much time on the pitch as the immortal Ferdinand Coly. And was signed at the same time.

Peter Till. 5 minutes against Scunthorpe.
15:07, Mon 2 Dec
Kevin Bremner, brother of Des.
15:10, Mon 2 Dec
Who was the Dutch or German keeper we had in the early 90’s? I remember him being a donkey. Njazi Kuqi Is one too, signed 2005?
15:13, Mon 2 Dec
Just going through our squad from our last promotion season and saw a few belting names that had long passed out of my mind.

Apparently in 2008/09 we had the likes of Hamer Bouazza, Ulises de la Cruz and Djimi Traore on our books.

Gun to my head I could not have told you these three played for us - barely remember Marcus Bent tbh!

Any other shouts?
Bouzza came same time as Scott Sinclair, both flopped massively!
Think Buozza (chin like Jimmy Hill) played one half decent game at shef wed!


I liked Bouazza, thought he was much better than Sinclair at the time. Didnt he score a winner at Doncaster that season that put us on the brink of promotion?
15:23, Mon 2 Dec
Who was the Dutch or German keeper we had in the early 90’s? I remember him being a donkey. Njazi Kuqi Is one too, signed 2005?
Bart Griemink. Went with Bazza to Peterborough.

In the reverse direction (I think) was Fred Barber, he of the old man mask, who had a game for us.
15:25, Mon 2 Dec
The Fly
Paul Hendrie,Archie Styles, Bud Brocken, Terry Twell, Steve Phillips...
Too numerous to mention. That’s during the late 60s and 70s.

Always remember Steve Phillips and Steve Bryant. They were always in Singletons on Barrows Lane. One bonfire I wanted to get some "bangers" but they wouldn't sell them to as I was too young. So Steve Bryant took my money and bought them for me.

How can you forget Archie Styles? The bloke who chinned Alan Clarke and knocked him out cold when we were playing Leeds.

Don't remember Bud Brocken though
15:41, Mon 2 Dec
We signed 2 so called flying wingers as I recall from
Holland, the other one was Tony van Mierlo I think
15:52, Mon 2 Dec
Bud Brocken came with Toine van Mierlo

He didn’t get his own song mind

Mierlo has one of the best songs we have ever had for a player.

IIRC Brocken is in insurance or such like

TVM is or was chief scout at JC Roda, fondly remembers his time with us
15:54, Mon 2 Dec
Daniel De Ridder.

Was quite excited when we signed him but he has was crap.

Rui Estevez Barry Fry era. Remember seeing him come on v Orient away in the Auto windscreens shield SF i think? Never saw him again
Steve Cotterill 2005 'I don't want to give Robbie Blake any praise, but he was superb.'

15:56, Mon 2 Dec
He wasn't in the next squad. Tom Ross asked him where he was. "'E's pissed off."
16:05, Mon 2 Dec
Quincy Awusu Abeyie

Enric Valles

James O'Shea
16:06, Mon 2 Dec
Remember Tony Hey? Trevor Francis thought he might be the next big thing.

Nine matches for us in the late 90s.

16:09, Mon 2 Dec
3 from different eras:
Delton Francis (touted as being the new Trevor)
Paul Ivey
Eddie Newton
16:16, Mon 2 Dec
On the subject of Clark signings, Hayden Mullins is the interim manager of Watford.
Tell you what that crack is really moreish.