17:42, Mon 2 Dec
I'd like to thank Davo and the Club for organizing me a ticket in the Kop for the QPR game. My wife & I will be back in Brum for the funeral of my lovely Mother-In-law on Thursday. Definitely not the best reason to be making the trip to Birmingham from around the other side of the world but going to our sacred St Andrews next week will be a brilliant distraction . This is just another reason I'm thankful for being a Blues fan for over 50 years .

Keep Right On .

17:53, Mon 2 Dec
Fair play to all involved.

Sorry for your loss

18:52, Mon 2 Dec
Sorry for your loss. You are in great hands with Davo. I brought my son over last year and Davo was absolutely amazing to us. Have fun!
20:37, Mon 2 Dec
Sorry for your loss, good to see, you got sorted for a match.
20:47, Mon 2 Dec
Thanks all , it's really nice of them, I just wanted to know how to buy a ticket & Davo ran with it, what a top bloke , This club of ours are great to us fans , no doubt about it.
23:50, Mon 2 Dec
Sorry about your loss.
Great news that you managed to get sorted with a ticket.
Lots of good feedback about Davo he seems like a good lad.๐Ÿ‘
Wrap up warm, I was down there last Saturday and it was bloody freezing and I would imagine you arenโ€™t used to it.๐Ÿ˜‰
00:40, Tue 3 Dec
Thank you , yes I'm packing my Pea Coat , thick socks & Dr Marten Boots , hopefully a good game & win will warm the cockles .