Re: Vile

17:44, Sun 8 Dec
Used to live in Durham + season ticket, now back in Brum
18:12, Sun 8 Dec
Michael Oliver supposed to be our best ref very very poor today how as McGinn /Grealish stayed on the pitch is beyond me .Hopefully today is the day the nation saw what Dean Smith tacitcs are all about go over at slightest touch wine to the ref every chance you get .Leicester forum slaughtering Grealish dont want cheating W----- anywhere near the England team .
18:15, Sun 8 Dec
How about Targett’s foul? Straight red by any definition.

Although judging by the comments on the Guardian’s report a few scales have fallen from people’s eyes. A lot of abuse and derision.
That tackle was very, very poor. Vile did what they always do, spend the game moaning and berating the ref and then diving every time they got near to the opposition box. In the phase of play that lead to their goal the free kick that Greasy won was never a free kick in a million years.
06:19, Mon 9 Dec
You gotta love it:

06:49, Mon 9 Dec
You gotta love it:


Ok, someone please confirm that this is a wind up please? I mean not even one of them clowns could really be serious here, could they? 😮

"Mark #GetJohnsonGone #tuonimrevyrot
Replying to

What a beautiful goal. Only got your 1st goal because Wesley cant pass wind, and Mings should've been taken off. Our goal resulted from quality. How many European cups btw?"
They are dirty diving cheating pissweasels, with the drag artiste wannabe the king of them. He’s beginning to morph more into Gloria hunniford with every passing game. Thinking about it I don’t mind them in the premier league, hovering around the relegation zone getting dicked every week.
10:43, Mon 9 Dec
Grealish had started to look like he was adjusting to The Prem the last couple of games I'd seen him.

Yesterday, he got absolutely schooled though. He realised he was getting schooled and just flounced around like a petulant child. He was pretty embarrassing.

If Southgate saw that game and was considering a choice of Grealish or Madison for his next squad it would take him no time at
all to make the decision.

On the general point, I nearly drove off the road when I heard Smiff's comments the other day - when he sneeringly said that maybe he would have to ask his players to fall over more often so they could get some decisions. If they fall over much more often their boot suppliers will be disowning them. They were all at it yesterday and anybody who watched it would have concluded they are a bunch of snide, diving sods. McGinn was very lucky to get away with the dive in the area having already been booked.
10:53, Mon 9 Dec
Moha Ramos was in the away end yesterday funnily enough.
Tell you what that crack is really moreish.
11:12, Mon 9 Dec
Yeah, as I said, the comments on the Guardian report are pretty funny as regards the diving and they're losing any sympathy neutrals may have had. Obviously the media say eff all about it because that would interrupt their narrative of the PL being the game's acme.


18:08, Tue 10 Dec
One 14 minute appearance off the bench since 25th September. Last Premier Game he started was 16th September. Not going too well for our former Spanish friend....
18:15, Tue 10 Dec
Wouldn’t get in our team now. Lacks real pace & is to weak. He is made for that lot.
18:36, Tue 10 Dec
Wouldn’t get in our team now. Lacks real pace & is to weak. He is made for that lot.

Lol he’d be fecking ace in this team.
Tell you what that crack is really moreish.
18:49, Tue 10 Dec
Naah--- Shot as strong as a Junior Asprin
18:53, Tue 10 Dec
Naah--- Shot as strong as a Junior Asprin

And yet he’s still scored more than Crowley.
Tell you what that crack is really moreish.