Genuinely very surprised people are going for Camp, the defence was fine with Trueman before the central defence injuries (1-1 draws against Hudds, Sheff Wed and Millwall), we've been conceding goals but I'd struggle to pick one he should have saved. Camp was making howlers, he was all over the place. Other than the cup games I don't think Camp will ever play a professional game again.
16:04, Fri 10 Jan

He's better in just about every aspect of goalkeeping, from positioning, distribution to organisation of his defence.

Trueman has slightly better reflexes but hardly ever moves off his line.

Neither are good enough really but Camp is the much better of the two.
16:06, Fri 10 Jan
We should bring Joe Hart in. Would revive his career and he would genuinely be appreciated here.

Surely a loan deal could be sorted?

In the meantime it's a tough call, you can see Camp has the experience and looks more of a presence but he is a terrible gk. Trueman is also poor and he lacks presence. But I will go for Trueman.
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16:06, Fri 10 Jan
I was thinking people must have short memories when it comes to Camp but then remembered the howler he made last Saturday that almost led to a goal
16:07, Fri 10 Jan
Trueman lulls you into a false sense of security by making the odd "Match of the Day Save".

Camp is the much better goalkeeper on a technical level, but unfortunately looks like he has that error in him.
Dong Ren Out.
16:09, Fri 10 Jan

In an ideal world we'd go out and get a proven goalkeeper of Prem/Championship quality in January but get the impression that's not going to happen.

Seeing a bit of a clammer starting to put Lee Camp back in goal which has surprised me I must say.

Yes we've shipped a lot of goals during Trueman's spell in goal but can't honestly remember him being at fault for any of them, a lot of them have been defensive lapses, individual mistakes and the odd decent strike.

Camp for me served a purpose at a time of desperation last year but is far too calamitous and not good enough for to play at this level anymore and would be better served to oversee Trueman and Ramos coming through.

So who would you rather in goal for the rest of the season... Trueman or Camp?



Camp had time out to reflect. Came back in for one game and made the same 'as you say' calamitous mistake he always does. But because it didn't cost us, everyone wants him back in...after all we won.

I'm not sure it's that straight forward. He's got fingers made of butter.
16:15, Fri 10 Jan
Would like to see Trueman have a run at it (6 or so games) with Roberts and JCS in front of him instead of Dads Army (AN Other + Dean) every week. Then its time to judge.
16:16, Fri 10 Jan
Trueman, Camp is utter shite.

And that's from Camp himself...
16:18, Fri 10 Jan
Camp can't dive properly to his left because of a knee problem which rendered him retired before his mat picked up the phone and got him the gig at Blues. That's quite a restriction for a goalkeeper.
16:41, Fri 10 Jan
Camp. Less goals conceded this season ratio wise I think.

For all his flaws - and he has quite a few - he commands the defence/defensive area well which is something we are clearly lacking atm and a strength we had when he was in goal.
16:42, Fri 10 Jan
I really did miss all those posts at the time about how "commanding" Camp was when he was starting...
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16:56, Fri 10 Jan
Trueman - Camp has cost us in the region of 10-15 pts (minimum) with various howlers over the last season and a half, and I am afraid it was just getting plain embarrassing before even Pep was forced to bite the bullet and drop him.
Since then Trueman has done ok for someone of his age/experience. He is no world beater of course, and its a position we need to look at going forward, but going back to Camp now would make absolutely no sense whatsoever.
16:59, Fri 10 Jan
Amazed how many people are saying Camp.
16:59, Fri 10 Jan
I have never been one to criticise the personnel on the pitch and have done my best to not criticise the management throughout my life supporting (key word) Blues.

In the multiple ‘LeE CaMP MuSt gO’ threads I see on here, I tend not to bother giving my thoughts as it’s not worthwhile.

On a thread asking who I’d prefer, I tend to Give my thoughts when time allows.
17:02, Fri 10 Jan
When you think of the long list of international and great keepers we have had over the years this thread just about sums up the depths we have now reached.

Whoever is the least bad is our first choice. A 30 year plus journeyman who has a history of calamatous errors and criticism throughout his career and a young kid who cant keep a clean sheet, cant marshal his defence and who was rejected by a non league team when out on loan. Jeez, what a bloody mess we're in.