Where is the Pub Landlord?
14:11, Sun 12 Jan
No Bernard manning or Jim Davidson?
Not PC enough?
14:40, Sun 12 Jan
No Arthur Askey, Bud Flanagan, Marty Feldman, Benny Hill, Bob Monkhouse, Barry Cryer, Mick Miller, Jim Davidson, Mike Reid, Les Dawson, Joyce Grenfell, Royston Vasey, Charlie Williams, Frank Carson Jerry Sadowitz et al.

Can only imagine the 'judging' panel, all 'right on' & steering well clear of any hint of 'controversial choices' ...
14:44, Sun 12 Jan
That list is cack and no Frank Skinner? FFS!
15:52, Sun 12 Jan
To be fair to the panel, they were given the 30 names to place.

It was the public who decided the list.

If you were part of a double act, the pair should have been named. Morecombe and Wise, Two Ronnies etc, seems unfair to single one out
15:53, Sun 12 Jan
Comparing Ronnie Corbett to Barker is silly
Fat Buddha - 'Rab C Nesbitt. He's a contrary fecker, but invariably right. He has his finger on the motherfecking pulse.'
16:12, Sun 12 Jan
Jerry Sadowitz should be in there.
16:19, Sun 12 Jan
As should Charlie Chaplin.
The Belle of St. Trillions
16:28, Sun 12 Jan
Tony Hancock. Brum's finest.
16:29, Sun 12 Jan
Pointless list. it's subjective. I'd put Stewart Lee and Ricky Gervais in the top five. Doesn't mean that anyone else would.
I can cope with despair. It's the hope I cannot handle.
17:43, Sun 12 Jan
Where is the Pub Landlord?

In the technical area at Villa Park as I type
01:23, Mon 13 Jan
No QB? A disgrace to SHA.... He's also in the top 30 cover band artists... And... And...
08:36, Mon 13 Jan
Tony Hancock. Obviously.

His uncle was on the Blues board back in the day. Not relevant, I know.
08:55, Mon 13 Jan
Frank Skinner? Frankie Boyle?
19:43, Mon 13 Jan
If you were to ask me to name three geniuses, I probably wouldn't say Einstein, Newton...

I'd go Milligan, Cleese, Everett. Sessions.