13:05, Tue 14 Jan
Robert Hopkins
thats 3bs cafe looks good, and hotel (hostel) already booked - and we are walking distance to centre, and planned for a date when no rugby on - and that caroline street i'm sure will be visited.

Thanks for input and macca will grill you more on Saturday

I'm sure you'll enjoy the 3bs cafe. The bread paneer thing was amazing. Mind you, the price all adds up. Still, tasty stuff and right bang in the centre. Plus friendly staff and you can see the kitchens on the way to the bogs. Looks like properly cooked food.
16:53, Tue 14 Jan
Is that O'neills still there? Last time I was in it was after the play offs in 2002.

If it is, their food isn't fancy but filling at least.
22:55, Tue 14 Jan
On the ball recommendations there mate.