20:36, Tue 21 Jan
Good first half that, deserve the lead.

I'd be tempted to hook Gardner for Sunjic or Bellingham at half time before he gets sent off.

Please keep it up in the second Blues.
20:39, Tue 21 Jan
Off topic, but Redmond scored an absolute beauty for Southampton earlier if you get a chance to see it.
Tell you what that crack is really moreish.
20:40, Tue 21 Jan
Made by the sound of it hitting the back of the net

20:41, Tue 21 Jan
Eight of Jukes ten goals are headed!!
20:43, Tue 21 Jan
Bye bye Blues!!
Eight of Jukes ten goals are headed!!

Just because my opinion differs from yours, doesn't mean mine is wrong.
20:43, Tue 21 Jan
One trick pony.
20:44, Tue 21 Jan
He should have his legs removed and replaced with a spring πŸ‘
20:45, Tue 21 Jan
The cat next door
One trick pony.

20:45, Tue 21 Jan
Can Robbo do the half time talk?

He’s been effing awesome.

Worried about GG on a yellow tho.
20:45, Tue 21 Jan
deeney should have scored his 2nd there :(
20:48, Tue 21 Jan
Re Bellingham. You cant expect a 16 year old to play 3 times in 8 days. He will be burnt out before he is 18. Its about managing him and its only right that he should be rested for this match.
+1. He looked tired in the second half on Saturday, as did Crowley.
I have no problem with such squad rotation. I certainly can't see us being overrun in the second half today.
Keep them quite for the first 10 minutes and we have got this I reckon
20:54, Tue 21 Jan
The beauty of it is he scores the same goal every time and there's nowt teams can do to stop him. Beast πŸ’ͺ🏻
Roberts moving a lot more freely this half so far
20:57, Tue 21 Jan
Bye bye Blues!!
Eight of Jukes ten goals are headed!![/quote