20:57, Tue 21 Jan
What a signing Bela has been, looks better every game, got good pace but what I love about him is he can whip in a beauty of a cross with either foot!
Hopefully we can get the 3 points tonight, come on blues!
21:00, Tue 21 Jan
Blues under pressure at the start of the second
21:01, Tue 21 Jan
JCS having a good game. Him and Roberts the best pair of cbs
21:05, Tue 21 Jan
Another great ball from Bela nearly 0-2
21:05, Tue 21 Jan
Boro just chucking themselves to the floor at every opportunity now 👎🏻

Marc Robert's is a titan of man. My captain.
Poor free kick from Maghoma from a promising position, didn't even clear the wall
21:05, Tue 21 Jan
Worse than Cardiff, but they did the same at Stans
Blues having a good spell
Pedersen header off the top of the net
Great tackle, whilst tracking back from Mrabti
Crowleyvon Mrabti off.
Just because my opinion differs from yours, doesn't mean mine is wrong.
Meantime off Crowley on
21:08, Tue 21 Jan
Mrabti getting into it and he takes him off. Deary me.
Crowley on for Mrabti.