21:37, Tue 21 Jan
You can't tell me there isn't one.
21:38, Tue 21 Jan
The EFL didn't appoint Ren and Pep.
Course there isn't a vendetta
Fat Buddha - 'Rab C Nesbitt. He's a contrary fecker, but invariably right. He has his finger on the motherfecking pulse.'
21:39, Tue 21 Jan
There isn't one
21:43, Tue 21 Jan
You can't tell me there isn't one.

I’m struggling to disagree with this.
No future.....
21:44, Tue 21 Jan
I'm sick of it, too many incidents like this. I just want a fair level playing field.
21:45, Tue 21 Jan
Can't be a coincidence. Some decisions against us have been utterly disgraceful.
Dong Ren Out.
21:46, Tue 21 Jan
You can't tell me there isn't one.

There isn't. Grow up.
21:47, Tue 21 Jan
It's the worst decision I can remember in a very long time.

Why always us?
21:47, Tue 21 Jan
I agree. I have it on good authority that they sat all the referees down before the season and said to try and make us lose as many points as possible whichever way they can.
21:48, Tue 21 Jan
21:49, Tue 21 Jan
Done us a favour if it keeps the Clot from the dugout though so not all bad
21:49, Tue 21 Jan
They should stop chasing teams for finding loopholes in their crap rules and start producing referees that are capable.
The intellectual saviour of the masses.
21:50, Tue 21 Jan
That’s the worst decision I’ve ever seen watching football.
21:50, Tue 21 Jan
Just a feckin shyte decision. Regardless of it being Blues, one of the worst refereeing decisions I’ve ever seen. Absolute joke.
21:51, Tue 21 Jan
To be fair, I think the ref gave us all the 50/50 decisions in the second half but yes, he dropped a howler for our goal