10:40, Sat 15 Feb
David Xavis
Saul Goodman
When we eventually do fetch 50 Million or more for Jude I really really hope we are sensible and use it well.

We could sign 4 or 5 really good young players which we can try and get promoted with, failing that, their sell on potential will fund further promotion charges for a good while, it really will be a chance to transform.

Will be the biggest summer for our club in the last couple of decades.

How Dong et al spend the money that's about to come in is going to be imperative, as you said above, players of the Crowley, Sunjic, Bela ilk are vital. Of course, if you want goals, you must spend money, if we want to go and grab someone like Toney, it's going to cost £10m, but if he smashes it, he's worth £25m.

I really hope the planning started a while ago.

Agree with this so much. I get we're going to sell players, it's inevitable - all I'm concerned about is how they reinvest. I really would like us to look for more potential in the way they did with Crowley, Sunjic and Bela because as people say, this could transform the club.

People talk about the Brentford model and the big thing about them isn't just that they sell players for profit, it's that they've worked out what they're going to do afterwards before the bidding starts.
10:55, Sat 15 Feb
sheffield blue
It is quite plausible that the manager sent the team out with instructions, and if necessary to change things if plan A didn't work, so therefore the the players changed it.

Also in general if an opposing team applied a certain tactic that took the team by surprise then of course they would adapt themselves to combat such situation and change.

Bang on !!!

Others prefer the notion of a ' Player's Revolution '.... led by Dean.
God knows why !
Credit, patience and stay behind them
11:06, Sat 15 Feb
Dirty Bertie
Still means diddly squat.

Any coach would want to see his players thrashing things out among themselves when the team is not performing.

The last thing you need is for them to just sit there waiting for instructions without thought.

You'll do for me Bertie
Credit, patience and stay behind them