15:52, Thu 13 Feb
What about before his baby was born?
18:57, Thu 13 Feb
The blokes just had a new baby with many a sleepless night, he's said so himself the other day

Everyone I know is not quite themselves in the same circumstance

I know I wouldn't be

Seems a good vibe among the squad right now, why are fans being negative and looking for shit to stir?

Enjoy the good times , they are rare

He was being a fanny prior to that

He should have been stripped of the captaincy after his antics against the baggies (IIRC), when he threw a strop for most of the game
07:45, Fri 14 Feb
Steve Whitton
Last night went straight down the tunnel and did the same at Bristol City. Didn't see him applaud fans. Looks very unhappy. I can only see him leaving in the Summer. He normally gets a bit of stick from Brentford fans even worse for him if on the bench Saturday.

I dontt have a issue with the guy, wears his heart on his sleeve which some folk don’t seem to like anymore. I like it.

Called some of our fans out, and seeing some of the comments on this thread...he has a point. Things he says/does/does not do are being twisted

His form has been patchy, fair enough but I’m sure with some support from our fantastic fans he’ll get back to his best. I always thought blues fans were a bit better than this to be honest, seems we getting like them lot over in B6 which I don’t like
07:55, Fri 14 Feb
how long ago was it that Damien Johnson did similar at West Brom, yonks ago.