19:21, Wed 12 Feb
True, but the EFL will argue we gained a sporting advantage by not adhering to a plan which we ourselves had signed up to and agreed.

I reckon we might get one point, as that’s what we got given back for good behaviour, it’ll probably make no difference to our season.
19:24, Wed 12 Feb
How did we manage to get a point back for good behaviour if we ignored the plan 2 months earlier?
19:26, Wed 12 Feb
I have no idea, dunno whether the point back was just for admitting the offence or for adhering to the plan, guessing the former, would have to look back through the summary of the hearing again
19:26, Wed 12 Feb
I still believe we will be the only club deducted points.

"Oh Nikola Zigic"

joderlos entrar en ellos!
19:41, Wed 12 Feb
Derby and Sheff will get done too

Having read Percy’s article he’s on the fence, could easily be no punishment
19:41, Wed 12 Feb
Bela's About
I still believe we will be the only club deducted points.
No chance mate
Fat Buddha - 'Rab C Nesbitt. He's a contrary fecker, but invariably right. He has his finger on the motherfecking pulse.'
19:49, Wed 12 Feb
FFS Only at Blues =)
Only Blooze N Horses
And at they should. We were absolutely correct not to sell him in January if we didn't receive a satisfactory offer.

Can hardly complain though if we get punished.
20:01, Wed 12 Feb
Mr Big is over here from China at the moment. Let’s hope he asks some questions of the executive leadership of the club. 2 EFL charges in a matter of months can’t impress him
20:03, Wed 12 Feb
I thought we already had 2 points deducted at Middlesbrough?
20:04, Wed 12 Feb
Bela's About
Rab C Nesbitt
We still lied

But people will still defend the Board.

I’ll defend them for getting double the money for a player six months later.

But we should never have gotten into the situation in the first place. And then, as Mayor says, not agreed to the conditions to put it right - only to ignore that agreement. It's one mess after another.

No, the question is did we get ourselves into that situation. All comes down to what the agreement was - and we don’t know for sure until the judgment be is published
20:06, Wed 12 Feb
Eff the EFL?
20:07, Wed 12 Feb
I was thinking more of breaching FFP in the first place and then being under scrutiny to get back in line. But I take your point on the agreement, or not, to raise cash.
20:21, Wed 12 Feb
Is this the charge where we are actually getting done for the Pederson thing or is it nothing to do with that?

Otherwise I cannot see what the club itself have done wrong.

What if we had lost money through Bolton not turning up to play us? Or what if not even the derisory bids had come in for Che?
20:40, Wed 12 Feb
It can't be argued that by retaining Adams he in himself was the reason we stayed up. Can't be proven that even if we sold half the first team it would have made a difference to our performances. Easily dismissed.

There is only one way the club could've generated significant income - selling players. All other means of increasing revenue or cutting costs short term would have been negligible and probably cost more to implement than they would benefit us. The EFL rules and prospective punishment had also placed the club in a precarious position in January that made it easy prey to other clubs looking for a bargain by offering below market value for our players.