15:04, Fri 14 Feb
Costs a fortune in rohypnol and gaffa tape but she's worth it.
That’s Crudes drug of choice, he’s on 4 bottles a day.
15:12, Fri 14 Feb
This valentines day seems worse than normal. When did it become a thing to wish people a ‘happy valentines day’? Also seem like lots of online stores are offing Valentine’s sales?

Just feck off with it.

I think it dilutes any gesture you make as you are being forced/guilt tripped into making it. A guy, or a girl, brings their other half home a bunch of flowers its’ not an expression of love or appreciation, it’s a fear of getting shit for not doing anything.

Take home a bunch of flowers next month and tell your other half you love and cherish them it will mean much more!

(Or they might think you are cheating on them or have fecked up but that’s the chance you take)
Everything in moderation, even moderation.
15:45, Fri 14 Feb
Exactly this, and whilst in Tesco today at lunchtime they were swapping out the valentines section for yet more Easter stuff. I can’t believe people are still being guilted I to a total scam of a day.

At least March 14th is worth celebrating....steak blowie and Shut the hell up day gets my vote every year
16:27, Fri 14 Feb
I spent £2.50 in Card factory to get the Mrs a card from me and one from the kids. £6 on some flowers from the co-op.

She wrote a card each to the kids saying how we love them and are proud of them, and we're all staying in tonight having a nice meal together.

I don't see it as a big deal and certainly don't care if people find it weird.
17:52, Fri 14 Feb
I don’t even buy anything for the Mrs
17:58, Fri 14 Feb
Goodness sake, chill out.

I used to buy one for my daughter when she was about 11-12, she got excited thinking she had a secret admirer (still doesn't know it was me).

It was just a fun thing / nice thing to do, and no, I don't want to shag her.
Did the same with both my daughters. I only told mine a couple of years ago it was me. They’re 28 and 21 now
17:59, Fri 14 Feb
It's all a commercial con...

23/01/20 Mad: I'll stop moaning now.
19:21, Fri 14 Feb
There are pet ones as well too now apparently.
So you can buy your dog a card, and do your thing over a romantic Bonio biscuit!!
Nothing wrong with that!! I love my dog, and she loves my bonio!!
20:10, Fri 14 Feb
Maxine Collins
partner or to show your intentions is just weird isn't it? Wny would you buy your kid a valentines card? You don't fancy them or want to shag them. Find it very odd. Or is it normal and my view is odd?

I never know how many roses to buy my wife for Valentine’s Day.

6 maybe

Or should I just give her the whole box?[/quot

Just give her the coffee one's.