12:32, Tue 24 Mar
Still rough Rab?
Tell you what that crack is really moreish.
I can say absolutely, categorically, and with 100% certainty that I haven't had it.

It would seem it's just me left, then.
masqueraiding as a intelligent person
12:36, Tue 24 Mar
Super Hans
Still rough Rab?
It just keeps nagging away at you
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14:18, Tue 24 Mar
Woke up this morning and couldn't taste/smell my tea or sausage sandwich.

No cough or fever though so hopefully it's nothing.

Not like I can go anywhere anyway.
14:30, Tue 24 Mar
I haven’t Covid19 but I have had something pretty nasty.
Just over three weeks ago had a hacking, dry cough and a lot of sneezing.
No fever, slight headaches, shortness of breath and runny nose. Difficulty concentrating and zero patience.

I self-isolated for a week ( then guidelines) but still had to walk the dogs as the Mrs has a broken leg. Breathing in the cold air was the worst bit but I also felt as weak as a kitten.
Over the last week I’ve gradually improved but still not strong as I was a month ago.
I doubt it was Covid, just another nasty brought on by this abysmal winter.
14:46, Tue 24 Mar
Cases like Rab aside, most of the experiences written here are most likely 'just' the standard crappy winter cold/flu.

I don't think my asthma is what they class as 'severe', but the older I get, the easier I pick things up and the longer I take to recover from them. Add in a snotty, teething toddler who likes to put anything and everything in her mouth, and I permanently feel ill.

My lungs are very painful at the moment, so I'm not leaving my house for the foreseeable.
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15:28, Tue 24 Mar
Friend of mine has it. Young 30's. Tells me it's horrific and unimaginably painful, he was on life support for 3 days with morphine. Had no prior symptoms, just woke up with a temperature (38) and struggling to breathe. He's a week in now and recovering but has very painful muscle spasms/cramps. It sounds bloody awful and if our or any government decide that herd mentality could work, I suggest they are inhumane as the very least.
This bit down here is hardly worth reading.
Absolutely convinced aswell I had it Xmas and new year. Terrible cough and high temperature. Just felt different to anything else I have ever had before. I was that concerned that I went the doctors who wanted to phone me an ambulance but I declined. They thought I had a severe chest infection. So yes sure I have had it. KRO
16:57, Tue 24 Mar
You haven’t had it. Not at the time you say you did. I don’t know why people can’t just accept this.
16:59, Tue 24 Mar
Because they've got to feel part of a crowd?
17:00, Tue 24 Mar
Bizarre isn't it.

As usual though, people know better than the experts.
There's too much opinion and not enough fact.
17:42, Tue 24 Mar
I’m pretty sure I have I’m in London where it’s spreading like fire and the selfishness of the people here has disgusted most of us.

Here are the symptoms from the world health organisation don’t always trust the tabloids trust the experts:

Dry cough
Runny nose
Sore throat
Nasal congestion
Aches & pains

About 80% experience symptoms mild as a cold and will recover naturally. Take care of yourself as much as possible to prevent it escalating into severe symptoms.

I’m 25 my symptoms started a couple of weeks after a night out in Kingston London where the first case was confirmed the day after in that particular area. Within these two weeks I went for a run I could not run a mile as an experienced runner it was nothing I have experienced before I struggled to breathe. And decided to rest.

My friend who I see almost daily confirmed his colleagues wife had corona positively tested and he came back to work 2 days after 5/6 of them are now in isolation so very it’s likely I have had it.

Day 1: was just a dry cough didn’t think much of it

Day 2: the fever came and it felt like there were bricks sitting on my chest my cough was not severe my eyes were stinging a lot with aches in my neck

Day 3: sleeping became difficult energy was low I had diarrhoea and my cough was getting worse aswell as the fever I was sweating with goosebumps nose was constantly running

Day 4: fever was almost constant mixed with shivering and cold sweats vivid dreams and very heavy pressured breathing I can recall a pain in my lower back

Day 5: the worst day for me constant harsh coughing the feeling of someone hanging a heater over you the switching to a fan whilst stacking bricks my chest. Passed out around 2pm woke up 9am the next morning after hallucinations and sweating and shivering throughout the night I forced myself to rest

Day 6 & 7 woke up feeling much improved still have symptoms but I’m over the most. I think most of us know our bodies and know if it’s something you haven’t felt before I’m just grateful my symptoms were mild. Stay safe and take no risks KRO lads

Also I recommend manuka grade 15+ honey it’s made me feel a lot better and is great for your immune system.
Absolutely convinced I had it over Xmas.

Same symptoms

Coughing and a throat that felt like it had a wet tennis ball in it was bloody awful.

I don’t think I was alone, it was rampant, and not like a normal cough/cold.

Snap !

Went down with identical symptoms on Boxing Day. Awful hacking dry cough, temperature, and a sore throat that made me feel suicidal at times plus the tennis ball. Had it for 5 weeks before it finally fecked off.
18:47, Tue 24 Mar
You DID NOT HAVE the c-19 virus.
19:53, Tue 24 Mar
why not?