Tilton Rifle
Sounds ace. Any tips for short ribs (whole not individual)? I love grilling wings. Are you doing them on your ProQ or pellet smoker?

I remove the membrane from underneath, some people just score it in case they split the ribs, when ripping it off (loads of videos on youtube) if uncertain. Trim off any excess fat from the top and then I just mix a 50/50 rub off Kosher Salt and ground Telicherry Pepper, nothing else. But people add granulated onion, paprika, garlic granules or even coffee to theirs. But Salt and Pepper works just fine for me.

Usually aim for around 203F Internal Temp, but prefer just putting the probe into the meat and if it just sinks into the cooked meat like butter, you are good to go. You will see what I mean when you cook it

Beef Ribs are fabulous and I prefer them to pork ribs tbh

I do the wings on the Pellet Grill. But if you have a Kettle Grill look up BBQ Vortex, if you don't already have one as you can do fabulous wings with one of these, devices. You may be able to do it on the Fornetto or Proq, with one of these just never looked into it
👍 Appreciate it. Happy smoking.
14:31, Thu 21 May
Cheers for the replies everyone
14:46, Thu 21 May
Looftlighter is good
Just ordered a vortex. 👍
18:58, Thu 21 May
Ordered a disposable one for £2.99. The 2 sausages and 1 burger turned out lovely tbf.
19:06, Thu 21 May
Tilton Rifle
Just ordered a vortex. 👍

Great little things for wings. Loads of videos on Youtube on different ways to use them and coal set ups.

p.s. If you ever want to try something different with pulled pork, the Carnitas were absolutely delicious tonight, thoroughly recommended. Recipe [kentrollins.com]
That looks quality. Why do you hang pork rather than place on the grill in the smoker?
Tilton Rifle
That looks quality. Why do you hang pork rather than place on the grill in the smoker?

He cooked it on a UDS (Ugly Drum Smoker) and that is the way you usually cook unwrapped hunks of meat or ribs on them, but usually as the meat softens they transfer it to grate. You can also on the ProQ etc (I have never bothered) as I don't trust hooks to hold meat, though I am sure they do.
I've got hooks in the Fornetto. I'll give it a go.