11:37, Tue 15 Sep
Why are some blues fans so picky?Without his goals we would be in division one and planning to play Portsmouth and the likes.He is proven and we don’t currently have one.All of our team were crap after lockdown so why would he be any different.if we can’t pass the ball to each other.If we are going to do anything this season we will need goals and lots of them.InAitor we trust.
11:40, Tue 15 Sep
Some people talk as if there's a player out there who would get 17 goals in 17 games, just eagerly sitting by the phone, waiting for Blues to call him and get him on the cheap.

This is where we as a club. We need to take a gamble on players like Hogan, because the guaranteed goal-getters are worth a lot of money.

It does make me laugh sometimes, the unrealistic aspirations of football fans. 'Proven' championship strikers are going for £15m at the moment. Brentford have just spent the thick end of £10m on a league one striker. We simply don't have that money at present.

Teemu Pukki cost Norwich buttons when they signed him two years ago and scored nearly 30 goals. Ollie Watkins cost less than 2 million when Brentford signed him. There are bargains out there at the right age and cost.

Pukki was the same age as Hogan is now.

Hogan for nothing on relatively high wages is buttons for a Championship standard striker.

I don't imagine anyone is thinking he would be our marquee signing but he would be a proven player that could help on multiple levels.

It would be quality competition for places, it would mean we don't end up with no striking options on the bench of we get injuries, it offers options to change up the formation, it allows another player from the continent time to settle/would remove the psychological burden for said player.

We aren't going to build the perfect squad in one window and some players will be part of the journey and not necessarily be there at the destination - Clayton for instance, and possibly Friend depending on the amount of time it takes.
11:44, Tue 15 Sep
You don’t need confidence to work hard and do the right thing.

Post lockdown he didn’t work hard enough and looked disinterested.

It is easy when you are playing well....

That’s my issue.

I agree with others that if confident, he looks great and is an excellent finisher. But that is not everything
11:44, Tue 15 Sep
When Hogan signed for the neighbours "He's exactly the sort of player we should be competing for or we will never be more than also rans in this league"..... The moment it looks like he's possibly signing for us "Meh"...
She's playing with fire, he''s not ready for nibbly pig...
11:46, Tue 15 Sep
This. 👍

The question is, would he be better than what we have?

Yes. Very much so
11:50, Tue 15 Sep
I think a bit of water has flowed under the bridge since then.

The manager will sign him if presumably it’s the right price etc and he really wants him. I think it’s perfectly reasonable for fans to believe the evidence either way at this point as to whether such a signing would be a success. Either way - if we sign him or not - and what else we do is a key ingredient of judging our manager’s performance, as the lack of options up front is pretty glaring.
11:52, Tue 15 Sep
That's a different argument though, nobody on this thread has said that he wouldn't be a good additional option to give competition for places and boost the numbers, I think Holdsworth is arguing against Hogan being the only striker signing, or the main striker signing, and simply stating that there may be better out there for that role, as am I.

If he's an extra, and we sign another striker who we plan to be our main man, great.

If we sign him to be the main man, I am less comfortable with that because I think we can do better and I think we need better.

But then it comes round again to aspirations, lots of fans say they're happy for us to finish 14th, 16th, whatever, if that's your aim then Hogan is fine. Personally I want to see us build a team to go up and want us to aim higher when it comes to getting a first choice striker to lead the line.
11:57, Tue 15 Sep
I’m not happy for us to finish there and i’d lay a large bet that’s not the target this year.
12:01, Tue 15 Sep
Yeah I agree, I think the club will be targeting the top half and having a sniff at the play-offs. That doesn't mean there would be pressure on to make it, there wouldn't be, but you might as well have a go and see where you end up.
12:03, Tue 15 Sep
if it was a toss up between Hulk Hogan and Vydra I'd have taken Hogan

Think we will get another striker too, happy with 3 for the season
Beware! I bear more grudges than lonely high court judges
12:10, Tue 15 Sep
You don’t need confidence to work hard and do the right thing.

I still maintain that this is a narrative that's been created without being actually based on anything factual.

Whenever I watched him, I saw him making runs that we consistently failed to pick out.

Just because he didn't clatter into the opposition defenders like Juke, I don't think it's true that he wasn't bothered.
12:11, Tue 15 Sep
Yeah, I agree, I also honestly think Hogan is a good enough forward for teams aspiring to reach the top 10/play offs. Time will tell (if he does come).
12:12, Tue 15 Sep
I think a few have said that, LH4 for one. I would also say it's part of the same argument.

I have said what I wrote before on previous threads.
12:21, Tue 15 Sep

At the same dump .. Grealish has today signed a 5 year deal to stay at Villa
12:27, Tue 15 Sep
Grealish has zero ambition .....mommy's boy

I'm glad he's staying put
He'll be their number one player until 2025.
Zero success in terms of trophies for a good few years to come in spite of the 100's of millions they are throwing at it.
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