21:13, Tue 15 Sep
And give em settees
13:26, Wed 16 Sep
Amir has already sorted me and my mates out, the Rotherham game promises to be a great day
13:27, Wed 16 Sep
Amir has already sorted me and my mates out, the Rotherham game promises to be a great day

If you're on the wind-up, it has to be realistic, FFS.


13:41, Wed 16 Sep
The Bourneville Strollers
Promoted again.
13:51, Wed 16 Sep
Very hurtful
19:41, Wed 16 Sep
Non league were aiming to restart in October as that's when it was thought some fans could return to stadiums. If fans in stadiums is pushed back it will cause chaos at that level. Clubs can't afford to pay their players without fans at stadiums, the players have to be paid as they're under contract, will there be a mass exodus of non league footballers walking away from their contracts or will they try to force payment which will send all the clubs across the board under.

It's been said plenty but we need a financial restructure of football. A system that allows the top tier to take 93% of the money in English football is causing an existential crisis in non league football as well as the demise of Bury, Macclesfield, possibly Southend.

Fans Returning

07:47, Thu 17 Sep
Both Middlesbrough and Norwich who have been chosen to trial fans returning to stadiums this weekend (1000 limit) are operating a system whereby their season ticket holders are given priority to obtain a ticket.
Just wondering how it would have worked if we had been chosen as we haven't got any season ticket renewal policy in place at the moment.
Wonder why the club dont take a deposit on season tickets (potentially about £100) and offer Blues TV while the restrictions are in place and if we are eventually allowed back in then it is a simple mathematics equation to work out the additional figures.
09:28, Thu 17 Sep
In terms of taking a deposit, they already have the £100 from one of our 2 season tickets from last season that we rolled over, no idea what's meant to be happening with that especially if they don't actually sell any season tickets this season - rolls over to 21/22 I guess?
09:51, Thu 17 Sep
I quite agree Baloo. If the government / FA reduced this from 93% to say 75% it would be massively beneficial for that 25% to be used in the wider pyramid. The Prem could still well afford to bid for Messi and Bale and thus still be an attractive weekend watch for the Chinese and Asian TV audience

Naive perhaps but it was what the Government said would be the case when they decided they'd allow football to return to our screens back in June
Yes that is what the said....on to 21/22 if no fans this season.

If Blues get trialled they will no doubt approach the fans who carried their balances forward at the end of last season.
This allows them to deduct off these balances thereby reducing carried forward monies.

The 2nd lockdown will put a stop to all of this however.