14:55, Wed 16 Sep
Coming from this genius I will take that with a whole tablet of salt!

Linked Image

Linked Image
15:00, Wed 16 Sep
Vile are sp**nking loads of cash up the wall again this Summer. Their recruitment is very haphazard. They now have 5 keepers!! Dean Smith is under real pressure having spent nearly 200 million in 2 years. If they are near the relegation zone at Xmas I reckon he is gone.
15:03, Wed 16 Sep

Comedy gold.

I’m still laughing at this

“Reminds me of Inieata in his prime”.

The reply “inieata shoukd sue him for slander” 😂
15:35, Wed 16 Sep
Right and Gabby's Mom reminds me of prime Michelle Pfeiffer...
16:22, Wed 16 Sep


21:26, Wed 16 Sep
What a clown ... just described an attempted back heel by the Hull striker as a ‘Cruyff ‘ ... clueless
21:29, Wed 16 Sep
Thought we'd signed him then 😅
21:31, Wed 16 Sep
Thought we'd signed him then 😅

Sorry fella 😂


09:04, Thu 17 Sep
Article about him in the Guardian.

The first sentence is ludicrous in my view. One of the downsides for them in staying up is that they’ve kept him. Imagine them with the resources they now have with say a Santo or Bielsa. I reckon so far it’s very conspicuous how he has failed to get consistent performances from players - in fact longer stretches of very poor compared with good or even competent. And every team has injuries to contend with.

Thought SHA might enjoy this from the comments section. Guess who.

Geordievillan ravioliollie2
considering how often he is fouled he actually doesn't go to ground half as much as one might expect of the modern footballer.
but hey, let's not miss a chance to have a dig, eh?
09:19, Thu 17 Sep
Villa spent 144.5 million on transfers last Summer and are already up to 64 million this window. Given the resources at his disposal Smith has done a pretty poor job really.
09:23, Thu 17 Sep
He won't last until Christmas.
09:27, Thu 17 Sep
Wow !!

"“Jack has previously credited a change in his attitude to when JT [John Terry] came into this club as a player. He saw how professional JT was and learned from that and he’ll have learned even more again from the England camp."

Yep ... "let's have a blast up to Dickens Heath , breaking lockdown rules, breaking club rules and ignoring everyone cos I'm Billy Big Bollucks and getting out my head has always been important to me.
Then after an all nighter I'll just jump into the driver's seat of this powerful huge motor and play dodgems bumping into anything and everything, endangering other people's lives "

Thank fekk you've changed since John Terry arrived Jacky boy, you little angel !!
Every woman every man
Loves Karankaman, we're Blues
Stand up... stand up.... stand up
Everybody make a noise
We're the Brummie boys
Stand up, stand up .....
09:52, Thu 17 Sep
There's quite a lot of Vile fans on the Graun it seems.

I do enjoy winding them up on there.

[under a different name]
GBR 2020: Sepia tinted visions of a past that never really was, informing an idea of the future that was never really possible.
10:29, Thu 17 Sep
They do seem to have been at the back of the queue when the self-awareness gene was handed out.
The Belle of St. Trillions
10:44, Thu 17 Sep
"They" have signed another keeper today for £20 million

Emiliano Martinez from Arsenal

"They" can sign who the eff they like, as long as Bacon Face is managing them they'll finish 14th tops.

My opinion of course, Rags. Although I have to say, the amount of money they're flashing around AGAIN, is pretty frightening.

Not looked at HIV recently, are they expecting to win the Prem this season?

*EDIT* they're talking about wiping your arse with Izal bog roll.