10:41, Wed 16 Sep
I also use the HP inkplan but, because I do very little printing nowadays, chose the free plan. Works out great for me. I had a laser printer for many years which is far more economical if you do a lot of printing but, when that finally bit the dust, and because I no longer do much printing, I bought a cheap HP Envy which I can highly recommend.
11:13, Wed 16 Sep
I don't suppose anyone here has got any recommendations for a new printer as my old Canon one is, like me, getting a bit too temperamental with age...?

Ideally around £150 cost or less would be nice if so.

HP Envy... with Inkplan
23/01/20 Mad: I'll stop moaning now.
19:42, Wed 16 Sep
Agreed. Save a fortune with an ink allowance. 50 pages a month for £1.99 through HP printer. Unused sheets roll over to next months allowance. Can increase if required force few months, for example wife doing a course. Cost of printer was minimal.