13:07, Fri 25 Sep
Well I think it is.

So if we lose this and win our next 5 you would still say we've not turned a corner?

You seem like someone that we’ll be 20 games in 20 wins and you’ll moan about why our GD isn’t higher. Give it a rest with your negativity. Jheez you’d think you can’t have an opinion on here without being called out for it sometimes.

I'm being the opposite of that. I'm not pinpointing one game as to whether we have turned a corner. If we lose tomorrow and win next week it's a positive start to the season. We've had an excellent start. Tomorrow is just another game.
13:22, Fri 25 Sep
7 points from 3 games after not having a win since February. If that isn’t a sign of us turning a corner then I don’t know what is.
13:42, Fri 25 Sep
What did the Knights in White satin?
15:14, Fri 25 Sep
7 points from 3 games after not having a win since February. If that isn’t a sign of us turning a corner then I don’t know what is.

You're still missing my point. If we lose tomorrow and win next week then we have still turned a corner. It'd be a good start. Tomorrow isn't absolute.
08:35, Sat 26 Sep
Neither Juke or Hogan will be taking pens - I was wondering who will be appointed penalty taker but I am sure it is something that has been decided by AK. I fancy Bela may be given the task or possibly Harlee.

09:08, Sat 26 Sep
I think you’re right there but effin hell. IF that is the case, then strikers not trusted to take penalties should be pretty embarrassed by that. In my opinion before the SHA mafia pile in.
I love Juke don’t get me wrong. I also think Hogan is a decent bit of business but, in the latter’s case in particular, given he’s been bought for his finishing ability as opposed to, for example, the overall contribution to the cause we all know Juke makes, then it’s a blight on his copybook to not trust him with a penalty.
09:44, Sat 26 Sep
Penalties are a specialism though, lots of fantastic goal scorers have been poor at penalties, Michael Owen for example, Kevin Phillips also had a poor record
09:59, Sat 26 Sep
I make it 11 months since we won a league game at Home when we were the favourites (2-1 against Luton on 26/10/19)
10:46, Sat 26 Sep
Yep, should be a routine win today for a change !
11:13, Sat 26 Sep
Think today will be a good indicator on what we shall do against sides were expected to dictate the game too abit more rather than sit and press against possession sides like Brentford and Swansea, so I’m intrigued, been a fantastic start to the season and I hope to see us more on the front foot against sides of Rotherham’s ilk.

3-0 Blues 👍
11:20, Sat 26 Sep
2-1 Juke and Hogan.
I can cope with despair. It's the hope I cannot handle.
11:50, Sat 26 Sep
The ref for this one is Andy Madley one of the worst refereeing performances of last season. Cardiff away, a chunt of the highest order.
12:44, Sat 26 Sep
1-2 Rotherham