11:50, Thu 24 Sep
I was young enough to watch it on a Friday night rather than be out, and i've always loved it. Ted Danson might be a nightmare in real life, but Cheers and Three men make him alright in book.

Great theme tune too.

Don't tell me he's a gun toting White Lives Matter Trump supporter, that would spoil my day.
12:25, Thu 24 Sep
Spent the whole of my free month’s trial of Amazon Prime binge watching Mrs. Maisel. New York jewish humour at its sharpest.
Never watched it mate but thanks for the heads up, I’m on it.
14:31, Thu 24 Sep
I always had the impression that Ted Dansin is one of Hollywood’s good guys. Maybe that’s because that’s what I want to believe. He is an environmentalist and has made donations to the Democrat party, so he’s allright by me