21:40, Thu 24 Sep
Good luck with that.

Usyk very comfortably.
21:44, Thu 24 Sep
Jude Bellingham - "Once a blue, always a blue" “This is my Club, I love the Club to bits. I’d die for this Club”
21:50, Thu 24 Sep
King Tut
Good luck with that.

Usyk very comfortably.

I didn’t say Chisora will win. On the off chance he does though I’ll take a few rounds of the crazy odds that will be offered.
02:20, Fri 25 Sep
Le Mod
If anything it should improve his popularity if he manages to KO this idiot

Manage? He could name the second he wanted to knock him out. Same as the McGregor fight, boxed like he was fighting his toddler son in the garden.

Fair play to him if people are silly enough to buy it

Exactly. He definitely carried Connor to stretch it out. He's beaten Canelo, he'll be laughing against Logan who might I add has 2 losses to KSI lol.