21:56, Sat 24 Oct
Rab C Nesbitt
Nose of Blue
Which do we prefer?

Last seven of last season

won 0 drew 1 lost 6 for 3 against 15 points 1

First seven of this season

won 1 drew 4 lost 2 for 3 against 4 points 7

First seven games of last season

Won 4 Drew 1 Lost 2 For 7 Against 8 Points 13 ...
And you’ve conveniently missed out the 3-0 defeat at Pompey and added a 1-0 win at Charlton 😉

No... First 7 league games as per the original post?
Yeah apologies.
Jude Bellingham - "Once a blue, always a blue" “This is my Club, I love the Club to bits. I’d die for this Club”
09:01, Sun 25 Oct
A rhetorical question, of course, but yes, we were a team without hope or direction in the latter part of the season. It's more than possible that another league game would have seen us relegated. We were an error-strewn, ill-disciplined dispirited team being managed by a poor sod brought back from furlough and a rookie coach. The players looked bewildered and bereft of any expectation of winning.

Of course it hasn't fallen into place perfectly, but we've got a proper manager and some decent players to bolster what should have been a lower mid-table squad and some discipline, fight, endeavour and apparent team spirit. We've managed to bring in some quality and stop leaking goals. We need to translate the improvement into creating chances and scoring goals. We're still short of a striker, but I'm hopeful that we can address this at the enst transfer window.

Work in progress, but with a much sounder base than the admittedly non-existent base of last season.

09:21, Sun 25 Oct
I didn't see the game yesterday but by all accounts it was much more positive and encouraging.
Whats people's thoughts for wed?
Do we come out positively like against Brentford or was that a one off?
and we sit back like against Rotherham and Sheff W giving them the initiative?
Hopefully the former for me
18:23, Sun 25 Oct
Karanka’s first job was the get us more organised and tough to beat which he’s done straight away.

You can’t ignore the fact that we’re the only team in the football league yet to score from open play but yesterday was encouraging.

Im not too concerned, I think we’ll find a system that gets the likes of Leko, Bela and Sanchez into positions that can hurt teams and we’ll be a decent side this season but obviously we need to do it sooner rather than later having not won in six now.
18:35, Sun 25 Oct
Yesterday was the first time I have watched 90 minutes this season and I really enjoyed it. QPR have had some good tricky forwards and wingers for a few years now and when they got back into the game in the second half it felt so much more comfortable than in previous years.

I know Friend's distribution has had a bit of criticism but his defending impressed me, he is light on his feet but also aggressive, he doesn't look like an old player.

If we can carry this on into the next few games it could be a good season, but there have been so many times before when a good performance is followed by a dogshit one I'm not banking on it.