21:46, Sat 24 Oct
Khabib retired as the GOAT
07:58, Sun 25 Oct
Shame as would have liked to see the 30-0 on the record but what else to prove, and seems not having his dad around has taken his desire away. Well made his mum not want him to do it anyway.

Was nice not to have wait up to 4-5am for a main event.

Just wish I'd lumped on at the 3/1 for him to win by submission.

Only put a fiver on but still a little something.

Did get worried they would stiff me after the taps got missed and went to sleep but a technical submission still counted.
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08:54, Sun 25 Oct
How the ref didn't see him tapping was unbelievable. Gaethje is a warrior but not on the same planet as Khabib.
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