15:32, Sat 21 Nov
We had Boga, Jota and Adams back then. Who were a better attacking threat than what we have. Pace and ability to beat people. They were all outlets to retain the ball from defence and deep midfield.

This is an unpopular opinion but Jota would make a huge difference to this squad as an outlet. We should try to get him back in January.

I'd say Sanchez is better than Jota and Bela is better than Maghoma who would have played that night.

Adams- absolutely. We started 442 though with Juke and Adams, going from Adams to Hogan wouldn't have changed things that much.

I do think we've got better players than our setup suggests. We do have the squad to control games in my opinion, or at least take the game to the opposition.
“Oh Nikola Zigic”
15:35, Sat 21 Nov
Boga? He was no longer at Blues at the beginning of that season.

Adams did not start that season particularly well. If I recall Omar Bogle was being favoured from the start in a few games at the beginning of 18/19. It was from the Leeds game onwards that Adams took off and became the player he is today.

All good facts. 😂

Bogle started against Swansea, that was a pretty weak squad to be fair.
15:37, Sat 21 Nov
I don't think Sanchez is as good as Jota to be honest and I do like Sanchez.
16:40, Sat 21 Nov
Probably technically not, I do think he's showing to be more effective so far with his delivery.

Too early to judge really, Jota was great for those early games under Monk.
“Oh Nikola Zigic”
16:44, Sat 21 Nov
My Blue Heaven
We made no attempt to win that game and that’s not good enough

Juke missed two sitters.
GBR 2020: Sepia tinted visions of a past that never really was, informing an idea of the future that was never really possible.
16:46, Sat 21 Nov
Yeah he is better technically, Jota could beat people more easily and was quicker, and looked to be able to cut inside and open up space for a shot better (albeit the shots were often shit).
16:49, Sat 21 Nov
Bela's About
Friday night under the lights against a recently relegated premier league team. Their squad chock full of quality.

One of the best performances I’ve seen from Blues for years, wave after wave of attack, I think we set a record for most shots in a half?

Drew 0-0.

I’m not saying that the above doesn’t have its merits but it’s still the same end result.

I think the style is awful but I’m willing to give it a go as it’s really early days. 6 managers in 4 years, last day survivals all over the shop, the worst record in Europe since lockdown- Karanka had a huge job.

The quality is there but we aren’t seeing it yet, whether it comes is another matter but going all out attack isn’t going to guarantee anything either.

As fans yeah I know what I’d rather watch, if it’s like this in 12 months he’ll be gone and rightly so.

Give it effing time.

Perfectly put.