As many people have eluded to, that is all well and good if you get results to vindicate the constant over negative approach. We are not, and to make matters worse the same approach is being used pretty much regardless of the standard of the opposition, whether home or away.
14:08, Sun 29 Nov
If the players put away their GOLDEN chances, think how many points ahead we'd be.
Sunjic & Juke in the last few games spring to mind.

If we were playing our current tactics but those players put those in the net, you'd all be lauding Karanka.
15:05, Mon 30 Nov
Mad Blue
Brother Tam
Super Hans
Is that a direct copy/paste? If so and you didn’t tell me I’d say that’s a Cotterill interview.

Mind you, Karanka was born in Vitoria-Gasteiz.

Cotterill is from Cheltenham.

OK so Cotterill has a genuine excuse.

I got to this one late, but.... 😁
The Belle of St. Trillions
17:46, Mon 30 Nov
The football has, largely, been painful to watch.

It's clear he would like to play a no10 but we dont play the ball to the feet of whoever's plays there.

We dont pass it well at all, so his hope of controlling the game with possession is not possible.

We have no central midfield players, he is prepared to trust, who can control the ball well, are comfortable with the ball and pass well. Thars why, I guess, Sanchez, perhaps our best technical player, was in central midfield.

Poor passing in midfield plus Friend and Robert's poor distribution means we cannot pass through opponents. That is not Karankas fault.

So its hoofball again and again.

If we have to see hoofball he has to play two up front to compete for the ball.

Four of Hogan, Juke, Leko, Sanchez and Bela should always play, as between them they may score the odd goal. He could still have 6 defensive players on the pitch plus the goalie.

Unlikely, though.