11:33, Sun 29 Nov
Worcester Blue
The day we dish out a stuffing

The day we score a goal would be a start

We have only scored twice in 2 games this season which is pathetic
17:38, Sun 29 Nov
Take a quick throw in....
Take a quick free kick
Keeper sets an attack moving quickly
We quickly retrieve the ball from an opponent when we've been awarded a free kick
Quickly deliver a one touch pass
Quickly deliver 2 one touch passes
Quickly take a snap shot at goal
Quickly take a corner
Do anything just a bit more quickly.

It'll happen one day and we might just surprise ourselves that we've actually gained some advantage from
reacting a little more quickly than normal.
My money is on Leko as the man to deliver on this revolutionary idea.
Sanchez 2nd favourite
Mcgree maybe ?

Agree with this. We lack speed of thought. You can’t coach that. It’s an instinct. Our players don’t have it. Doesn’t matter how good they are technically. Its about footballing intelligence.

Currently it’s like trench warfare rather than airborne warfare. No vim or vigour.
Players seem terrified of doing something creative in case it goes wrong and they get criticised.
21:24, Sun 29 Nov
Are they terrified or just not capable?
22:10, Sun 29 Nov
as people, get to the promise land.