11:59, Sun 29 Nov
Thinking of getting this for my nine years old grandson for Christmas. Is it any good ? Also he is an Exeter City fan - are Division 2 teams available? And lastly can you buy it for multi platforms and what is a reasonable price to pay? Ta in advance.
The Sixth Mass Extinction is here.
12:04, Sun 29 Nov
Yeah, he can play as Exeter as league 2 teams are on there. Should be on all consoles. Do you know which one he has? I'd say about 40-50 quid is about right.
12:04, Sun 29 Nov
I'd say it's pretty much a pallette and roster update of fifa 20.

As he's 9 I'd consider getting him fifa 20. If you do go for 21 expect to pay about 50 quid. Its available on pretty much all platforms and if you get it on ps4/xbox one then you get a free upgrade to the next gen version when he gets a ps5.